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Chapman University accepts third party payments form the following sponsors: 529 plans, college savings plans, Department of Rehabilitation, Department of Veteran Affairs, employers, etc.

Third party payers may require a copy of the billing statement or a separate billing. The billing statement may be obtained on the student payment portal. If separate billing or invoice is required, you must provide the information to the Student Business Services Office on or before the payment due dates for each term.

+ - Am I a Panther Partner or a Sponsor?

Panther Partner Authorized Users are individuals that have been granted access by a student to Chapman ePay, to view billing statements, make payments, enroll in payment plans and review account activity. A sponsor is an organization or individual that is entering into a contract with Chapman University to provide payment on a student account through a conditional credit or a scholarship; a sponsor may also be a Panther Partner Authorized User if the student has granted access. If you are a Panther Partner Authorized User please following the link:

+ - Third Party Billing

If an approved company or organization will be responsible for paying all or part of a student’s tuition and fees, it is called a Third Party Billing Contract. Chapman University requires a billing authorization from the company or organization in order to establish the contract.

The organization and/ or student is responsible for submitting a billing authorization to the Student Business Services Office prior to the published due dates. The billing authorization must be printed on a company letterhead, include the students name and student ID number, written in English and clearly outline tuition and mandatory fees covered including any contingencies (i.e. GPA, grade, dropping classes or withdrawal from one or more classes). A billing authorization will be valid for one term unless otherwise stated.

Upon receipt of a valid billing authorization, the Student Business Services Office will apply a conditional credit to the student account while we await payment from the third party sponsor. Each sponsor will receive an invoice requesting payment for the student’s tuition and fees after the final add/drop period for the term or at the end of term as agreed upon by both parties.

You may submit a billing authorization via email to or by mail to:

Chapman University
Third Party Billing c/o Student Business Services
One University Drive
Orange, CA 92866

For questions regarding Third Party Billing, please contact (714) 997-6968 or email:

Student Responsibilities 

  1. Important Information: Some third party sponsors only pay for approved courses and fees.  It is your responsibility to determine what charges your sponsor will pay. The student is responsible for any outstanding charges not paid by the sponsor.Submit a billing authorization to the Student Business Services Office no later than the university assigned tuition and fee due dates each term. Students that do not meet the due dates may be eligible for late fee(s).
  2. Pay any charges not covered by their third party sponsor by the university assigned tuition and fee due dates each term.
  3. If third party sponsor fails to pay, you’ll be responsible for paying all charges due on account.
  4. You’re responsible for ensuring payments are made on your behalf and received in a timely manner. Payments are expected to arrive within 30 days of the term starting (on average), please keep close contact with your third party sponsor to avoid unexpected balances.

Outside organizations do not qualify for a Third Party Billing Contract if:

  • Payments will be sent directly to student/parent.
  • Organization only requires a copy of billing statement or proof of enrollment.
  • Outside Organization identifies payment as an award or scholarship.

+ - 529 Plan- College Savings Plans

A 529 college savings plan is an education savings plan operated by a state or educational institution designed to help families set aside funds for future college expenses.

There are two types of 529 plans: a college savings plan and prepaid tuition plan.

College Savings Plan 

When using 529 tuition plans funds it is important to understand your plan coverage.

First Step: Contact College Savings Plan Administrator

If your College Savings Plan administrator allows you to withdrawal funds directly from your plan, you do not need to notify the Student Business Services Office. College savings plans generally allow you to access your funds as needed.

Second Step: Submit Payment

Submit payment directly to Student Business Office via any of our accepted methods of payment.

If mailing payment:

Make checks* payable to: Chapman University

Mail Tuition Payments to:

Chapman University
Attn: Cashier's Office
One University Drive
Orange, CA 92866-1005

*Include student name and student ID number on the front of all checks.
*Payments from a 529 College Savings Plan are due in accordance with the published due dates for each term.

Prepaid Plan 

When using 529 tuition plans funds it is important to understand your plan coverage. Prepaid plans generally pay a specific amount per unit of enrollment, and may also pay a portion on housing fees.

First Step: Contact College Savings Plan Administrator

If your Prepaid Plan requires that the university bills the plan directly, let your plan administrator know you are attending Chapman University and provide the following contact information:

Chapman University
Attn: Third Party Billing c/o Student Business Services
One University Drive
Orange, CA  92866-1005
Phone: (714) 997-6968
Fax: (714) 744-7995

Second Step: Notify Student Business Office of Prepaid Plan

Prior to the tuition due date for each term you must report the number of units you'll be enrolled in to the Student Business Services Office, so we can defer the appropriate amount of tuition due.

Student may submit payment or enroll in a monthly payment plan for any balance not covered by the Prepaid Plan by the published due to date avoid late fee(s).

Chapman University currently bills the following 529 Prepaid Plans:

    • College Illinois
    • Florida Prepaid College Board
    • Michigan education Trust (MET)
    • Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program
    • Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan (TGTP)