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If a student receives more in financial aid than is necessary to pay for his or her tuition, fees, room and board (if applicable), and all of the aid shown arrives, then he or she is entitled to a student refund. Once you see via ePay that your funds have been disbursed to your Chapman student account, and all or enough of your aid has posted to your student account to create a credit balance, you may request your refund. However if the total financial aid posted to the student account includes PLUS (Parent Loan) funds, the refund will be sent to the parent borrower unless there is an authorization on file from the parent to release the funds directly to the student.

To request a refund please visit the Student Business Services Office located in the Bhathal Student Services building or email your Student Account Advisor from your Chapman email account.

Direct Deposits/eRefunds now available for your convenience!

Submit a refund request today and by the next business day the funds will have been electronically deposited to your designated checking or savings account. Avoid having to make an extra trip to the bank to deposit your refund check.

Secure - Direct deposit is added protection against theft or time delays from lost checks.

Convenient - Chapman University will deposit your refund directly into your bank account and send you notification of the deposit to you via email.

Students must submit a request for a refund to a Student Account Advisor in the Business Office, again, either by visiting the Business Office and submitting the request in person or by emailing your Student Account Advisor from your Chapman email account.

If you request a refund via paper check please note that the University only prints checks once a week on Wednesdays. Paper refund checks are mailed and not available for pick up. 

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