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Tuition Payment Options

Chapman University offers two payment options for tuition and fees; Payment in full and a Monthly Payment Plan. Both tuition payments options are offered to domestic and international students. For further information please visit our Tuition Payment Option webpage.

Student Billing

Chapman University uses an electronic billing system, eBill/TouchNet, that allows students and Authorized Users to access their student account and eBill statements online. Chapman University does not send paper statements. For further information please visit our Student Billing webpage.

Business Office Holds

A Business Office Hold is a method used to indicate to the student that he or she must see the Business Office regarding his or her account.

A Business Office Hold will prevent a student from registering for any further classes. Students who are not registered for courses are not permitted to attend class sessions. Holds prevent students from changing class schedules and/or obtaining transcripts.

Tuition and Fee Master Payment Contract

All students must complete a Tuition and Fee Master Payment Agreement.  Lack of a Payment Contract is the most common reason for being on a Business Office Hold.  This contract informs the student of their rights and responsibilities regarding payment of tuition and fees. 

Parking Permits

Parking is billed directly to your student account at the time of registration. Under certain circumstances, the parking permit and fee may be waived. Any questions regarding parking and parking permits should be directed to the Office of Public Safety at (714) 997-6763. Please see the Office of Public Safety website for parking regulations and deadlines for filing parking permit waivers.

Chapman ID Cards

Your Chapman University student ID card is used to authorize your use of a host of campus resources and confirm your role as a current student.

Chapman ID Cards are available from the IS&T Service Desk located in the Leatherby Libraries.

There is a $10.00 fee for a replacement ID Card. You must pay this fee, prior to card creation, in one of two ways:

  • Visit the Cashier Office located in the Bhathal Student Services Building.
    • The cashier windows close at 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
    • Make sure you take your receipt to the Telecommunications Office to receive your new card.
  • Visit the IS&T Service Desk. The ONLY acceptable payment method is by declining balance/ eAccounts.

For questions, please contact the Service Desk at (714) 997-6600 or

Health Record and Examination Form

All students using the Health Services Center must submit a Health Record and Examination Form prior to their first semester of enrollment. The Health Record and Examination Form must be completed and turned in to the Student Health Center.  The Health Record Form is available online. For more information please contact the Student Health Center directly at (714) 997-6851.