» VA and ROTC Benefits


For students with a VA benefit, the Student Business Services Office will obtain the expected benefit amount from your Chapman Certifying Official once your semester has been certifed on the VA website. We will apply a credit for this amount on your semester tuition billing under the description "Authorized by Sponsor."

Please Make sure to submit any required documents to your certifying official each semester.

Any charges not covered by the VA benefit, will be the responsibilty of the student and are due according to the published University due dates for the semester. To make payment, you may use financial aid, pay in full online or opt in the University Payment Plan.

+ - Veterans Resources

For more information regarding using your benefits at Chapman, including GI Bil, post 9/11 benefits, the Yellow Ribbon Program and other VA benefits, please click here.

+ - ROTC Students

For students receiving an ROTC award, please notify the Student Business Services Office that you will be receiving funds from ROTC. We will create a billing and send it to the ROTC representative at Cal State Fullerton. They will review and notifiy you when to enter your semester information in the Go Army Ed website. We will receive an email from Go Army Ed and verify your charges, so the may pay Chapman University directly. These funds will be posted as an Outside Tuition Assitance award onto your student account.

For more information regarding the Campus resources for VA and ROTC student, please click here.