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In an effort to assist the growing number of students in our Fenestra Living-Learning Communities, Fenestra Community Advisors (FCAs) focus specifically on the needs of first year residents as they navigate their transition to the university environment and to communal living. FCAs, who also serve as Orientation Leaders, can inform first year students of campus resources necessary for personal, academic, and professional growth.

FCAs serve as an integral part of the Residence Life & First Year Experience staff through out the academic year, connecting students to university resources, facilitating educational programs, and providing support in student development and academic success within our four first year residence hall communities.

The FCAs have a constant presence in their respective Fenestra Living Learning Communities and can be contacted at cufenestra@gmail.com.
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  • Crystle Agbayani

    Nicole myers

    Copper Stowers

    Crystle Agbayani 
    Glass Hall (North & South Towers)

    Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences
    College of Performing Arts

    Nicole Myers
    Morlan Hall (North & South)
    Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences 
    College of Educational Studies 
    Atlas (Undecided/Undeclared)

    Cooper Stowers    
    Lead Fenestra  Community Advisor

    Taylor Panconi

    placeholder photo

    Ben Geffner
    Henley Hall

    Argyros School of
    Business and Economics
    School of Communications

    Sam Wall
    Pralle-Sodaro Hall
    Schmid College of Science and Technology and School of Pharmacy 
    and Atlas (Undecided/Undeclared)

  • Office Location: North Morlan 172

    Phone: 714-516-6153

    Email: cufenestra@gmail.com

First Year Experience

For more information on the First Year Experience and the programs and resources being offered please visit their webpage.

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