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Residence Life and First Year Experience (RLFYE) provides on-campus housing options, educational residential experiences, and off-campus housing resources to undergraduate and graduate students. As part of RLFYE’s commitment to developing and sustaining residential communities that are welcoming and inclusive, the department offers gender-inclusive housing options in all residential communities.

Gender-inclusive housing options provide Chapman students the opportunity to select housing and roommates regardless of their gender identity or biological sex. This means that students may choose to 1) live in a single-occupancy room sharing a bathroom with a person of any gender, 2) share a double or triple occupancy residence hall room with roommates of any gender, 3) share a two-, three- or four-roommate suite or apartment with roommates or suitemates of any gender. Gender-inclusive housing is completely voluntary. While gender-inclusive housing options were designed to offer comfortable and safe options for students who identify as transgender, genderqueer, gender questioning, or otherwise outside the gender binary, housing options are open to any student for any reason.

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