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Residence Life and First Year Experience (RLFYE) provides on-campus housing options, educational residential experiences, and off-campus housing resources to undergraduate and graduate students. As part of RLFYE’s commitment to developing and sustaining residential communities that are welcoming and inclusive, the department offers gender-inclusive housing options in all residential communities.

Gender-inclusive housing options provide Chapman students the opportunity to select housing and roommates regardless of their gender identity or biological sex. This means that students may choose to 1) live in a single-occupancy room sharing a bathroom with a person of any gender, 2) share a double or triple occupancy residence hall room with roommates of any gender, 3) share a two-, three- or four-roommate suite or apartment with roommates or suitemates of any gender. Gender-inclusive housing is completely voluntary. While gender-inclusive housing options were designed to offer comfortable and safe options for students who identify as transgender, genderqueer, gender questioning, or otherwise outside the gender binary, housing options are open to any student for any reason.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gender-Inclusive Housing

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What information do I need to disclose in order to be considered for gender-inclusive housing?

RLFYE respects each student’s privacy, and will not ask for more information than is necessary to meet each individual’s housing needs. In accordance with the law, all disclosed information will be kept strictly confidential. Students do not need to provide any documentation in order to be considered for gender-inclusive housing.

In order to provide support to students who would prefer gender inclusive housing, RLFYE must to be notified of the student’s needs. All students are encouraged to contact RLFYE at reslife@chapman.edu for support. 

How do I apply for gender-inclusive housing?

New students (first-year and transfer) must select the gender-inclusive housing option when they apply for housing. All requests that are received before the priority application date each semester will be housed according to their reported gender identity with other students who indicate a willingness or desire to live in gender-inclusive housing.

Returning students will have the option to indicate their willingness or desire to live in gender-inclusive housing. For returning students who do not select their own roommates, RLFYE will make sure that all roommates signing up for an open space in a room understand that they agree to live in a gender-inclusive room or apartment.

Gender-inclusive housing is completely optional for all students. No student will be placed in gender-inclusive housing unless they indicate on their application their interest and understanding of this living situation.

How many gender-inclusive residence hall rooms and apartments are there on campus?

The number of gender-inclusive residence hall rooms, suites, and apartments on campus will depend on the demand for such accommodations. Gender-inclusive spaces will be offered in all residence halls, including Fenestra (first-year) communities, suites, and apartments. There is no limit to how many spaces can be assigned as gender-inclusive.

Can you make sure that my roommate identifies as LGBTQIA?

RLFYE cannot guarantee that your roommate will identify any particular way. Students may opt into gender-inclusive housing for many reasons. While gender-inclusive housing was designed to offer comfortable and safe options for students who identify as transgender, genderqueer, gender questioning, or otherwise outside the gender binary, any student can choose to participate.

Can I select the roommate(s) of my choice?

Returning students may pull in eligible roommates of their choice during the housing selection process in spring semester for a housing assignment that begins in fall semester. Returning students of different genders will first need to inform RLFYE that they intend to participate in gender-inclusive housing, and then they can select one another as roommates. Incoming first-year and transfer students may make a preferred roommate request, but these requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.

Can I choose my partner as my roommate?

As with all roommate assignments, RLFYE discourages students in a romantic/sexual relationship or partnership from being roommates with one another. It is our experience that students gain more from our residential communities when they do not reside with their partner. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not choose your partner as your roommate.

Will you out me to my roommate? Alternatively, will you help me talk to my roommate about my reason(s) for participating in gender-inclusive housing?

In accordance with federal law and University policyRLFYE will not disclose any information from student’s educational record beyond directory information unless the student has a directory hold. If you would like help preparing for a conversation with your roommate about your living preferences or the identities that are most salient to you, we encourage you to speak with your Resident Advisor or Resident Director.

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