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One of the most important aspects of networking is exchanging information. Having personal contact cards (or business cards) is a clean, professional way to share your information with industry contacts or potential employers. Because having customized cards made can be expensive, the Career Development Center has created a program to help.

Biz Cards is a program that allows you to have customized cards made with your contact information printed on them, all at an affordable price. To help you on your career journey, the CDC pays for a portion of the printing for you cards, resulting in an incredibly low price. You can get 100 cards for as little as $15.00! These cards do NOT have a brand advertisement on them like other printing companies that offer inexpensive cards. You can chose from over 20 different templates and even incorporate your own logo. 


100 cards - $15.00

250 cards - $16.00

500 cards - $18.00



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