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Career Development Center

» Specialized Career Resources for International Students

One in every 20 students on campus at Chapman University is an international students, and your needs are just as important and relevant as every other student on campus.  Below you will find a host of on campus resources as well as resources on cultural adjustment, gaining an internship, and finding a paid internship after graduation.  Come visit the Office of Career Professional Development at anytime you have questions about expanding your professional development here at Chapman University.  We are here to answer your questions and guide you towards success.

+ - On-Campus Support

All your basic questions answered

Aids international F-1 visa students, J-1 visa students, research scholars and professors by providing an 1-20 and/or DS2019 form and assisting with other applications for US Citizenship & Immigration Services

Where and how to begin your application

Graduate Student Profiles

Chapman celebrates and teaches diversity through academic coursework, events, speakers, student clubs, and workshops.

+ - General Support

Tips for Transferring to College in the United States

Unpaid internships, interviewing, and the H-1B Visa filing for self and/or spouse

The USA “Way of Life” & everything else you will need to know

The experiences of studying in the US, your guide, and stories of success

Cultural Adjustment and Transitioning