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Whether you are looking for your first full-time position, changing jobs, or seeking temporary employment, having a solid game plan will make your job search more manageable.  By understanding the components of a job search, and the jobs available in your field, you may effectively outline a process which will help you reach your goal.

+ - Chapman Connect

Chapman Connect is an online job portal that is exclusive and free to Chapman University students and alumni within one year of their graduation.

Internships, part-time and full-time positions are posted here by numerous local, national and even global companies. Because employers who post here often are looking exclusively for a Chapman student, it is less competitive than other online job portals. This is a great  tool to utilize throughout your years at Chapman to find employment and strengthen your resume. 


It is NEVER to early to start applying for internships/ jobs. Building your resume while you are in school gives you a HUGE advantage later when you are ready to hit the workforce and start your career.


+ - Jobs on Campus

Student Employment Services is committed to working strategically with university departments to identify and support existing and evolving university initiatives related to student employment.  We will provide services to hiring supervisors and students to support the recruitment and selection process for on-campus positions, both federal work study and university funded employment. Our goal is to enhance students’ experiential education through hands-on learning and work experiences in order to prepare them for post undergraduate and graduate career endeavors.

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