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Welcome to the Internship Process

For those who are interested in having an internship experience, there are many ways to search for an internship site. The Career Development Center has an online database, Chapman Connect, which students are free to browse and explore for potential job and internship opportunities.

If you have already secured an internship and are interested in acquiring academic credit for that experience, please follow the internship registration instructions and deadlines below.

+ - Register an Internship

Internship Application Portal

Log in to the Internship Application Portal (using your Chapman username and password):


Internship Checklist

After you have logged in to the Internship Application Portal, complete the following steps:

  • Step 1: Intern Responsibilities Agreement – Click a series of check boxes to indicate that you acknowledge and accept the policies and agreements for earning academic credit for your internship.
  • Step 2: Internship Registration Information – Fill out the required information regarding your internship site.
  • Step 3: Internship Learning Objectives – Fill out your Learning Objectives for your Faculty Advisor to review and approve online.
  • Step 4: Internship Site Approval Form Upload – Print your auto-populated Internship Site Approval Form and have it signed by your Internship Site Supervisor. Then you will either scan or take a photo of your Internship Site Approval Form and upload it into your online application. (If you need assistance with scanning your form, you may bring it to the Career Development Center in AF 303.)

Once you have completed the 4-Step Internship Application, your Faculty Internship Advisor will receive an email notification to review your internship application for approval. Once he or she has approved your internship application, we review your application at the Career Development Center. Once it is approved, you will receive an automatic email, and it will take 3-5 business days for the Office of the Registrar to officially register you in your internship course. Please check My Chapman to verify whether you have been registered in your course within that timeframe and contact the Career Development Center at (714) 997-6941 or if you have any concerns.

Academic Credits Per Hours Worked

Credits Hours


1.0 40
1.5 60
2.0 80
2.5 100
3.0 120


Download Internship Timesheet:

Throughout the course of your internship, you will keep track of your hours on the Internship Timesheet. At the end of the semester, your Internship Site Supervisor will sign the timesheet, and you will scan and upload it to your internship application in the portal.

Performance Evaluation

A few weeks before the semester ends, your Internship Site Supervisor will receive an email from the Career Development Center with a link to an online performance evaluation, which they will need to complete in order for you to receive a grade for your internship course.

This link is sent to the email address you have provided in your internship application, so please be sure to let the Career Development Center know of any changes to your Internship Site Supervisor's contact information.

Exit Survey

As the semester comes to an end, you will receive an email from the Career Development Center with a link to an exit survey regarding your experience at your internship. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us continue to improve upon the internship process.


In addition to completing all of the above steps, you will also need to turn in the assignment(s) that you and your Faculty Internship Advisor previously agreed upon at the start of your internship (i.e. daily journal, presentation, essay, etc.) by their determined due date(s) in order to be eligible to receive an academic grade from your Faculty Internship Advisor.


Please refer to the following deadlines regarding internship registration:

Summer 2017 Internship Deadlines

Fall 2017 Internship Deadlines

Billing for internship credits

Full-time undergraduate students can include Fall or Spring internship credits within the 12 - 18 credits covered by the full-time undergraduate tuition charge.  However, Overload Tuition will be charged for every credit in excess of 18. Undergraduates who are enrolled full-time both Fall and Spring semesters can take up to four credits, including internship credits, tuition-free during interterm.  Internship credits completed in a Summer term will be assessed a tuition cost at the current-year per credit rate.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Career Development Center at (714) 997-6942 or

+ - Internship Forms

Internship Site Approval Form

  • This is the contract between you and your Internship Site Supervisor. This form must be filled out completely before it can be approved for registration. When you complete the online application in the Internship Portal, this form will be auto-populated; however, you may choose to fill it out manually.

Internship Timesheet

  • While attending your internship, you are required to keep track of your hours. Your internship timesheet will be uploaded to the Internship Portal at the end of your internship experience.

+ - Internship Deadlines

Please refer to the following deadlines regarding internship registration:

Summer 2017 Internship Deadlines

Fall 2017 Internship Deadlines

If you have additional questions, please contact the Career Development Center at (714) 997-6942 or

+ - International Internships

All international internships and sites must be vetted and approved by the Center for Global Education.

Please contact the Center for Global Education at (714) 997-6830 or with questions about your international internship.                                                                                                             

+ - Petition Process

If you are seeking to receive academic credit for an internship for the current semester and have missed the deadline in order to do so, you will need to register your internship online (as outlined in the Internship Registration and Credits section above) and complete a Petition Packet, which includes:

  1. Completed Undergraduate Petition Form or Graduate Petition Form (with a required signature from your Faculty Internship Advisor).
  2. Completed Internship Site Approval Form (signed by your Internship Site Supervisor).
  3. Personal statement of reason for petition (1 page maximum).
  4. Receipt for $20 petition fee paid at the Cashier’s Office. (PLEASE NOTE: Graduate students do not need to pay the $20 petition fee.)
  5. (Optional) You may also submit any other information supporting your personal statement of reason for petition (i.e. a doctor's note, a performance review from your internship site, etc.).

Once you have completed the Petition Packet, you will submit it to the Career Development Center (at the attention of the Internship Coordinator). The Internship Coordinator will sign your Petition Packet and submit it to the Office of the Registrar to ensure that it will be reviewed by the Standards Committee. Please note that the Standards Committee meets once a week to consider petitions.

Once your petition is submitted, it will usually take 7–10 business days to receive a response, unless your Petition Packet is received just before a holiday break.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are petitioning to add a retroactive internship (meaning an internship that was completed during a prior semester), please be aware that it is the policy of Chapman University to not approve retroactive credit. You must present a compelling, extenuating circumstance for the Standards Committee to be convinced an exception should be made. Also, if this retroactive credit would have resulted in a credit overload for the term in which it was completed, you will be assessed tuition at the overload rate. If overload tuition is acceptable to you, please indicate this in your personal statement.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Career Development Center at (714) 997-6942 or

+ - Frequently Asked Questions for Student Interns

1. If I want to complete an international internship, where do I go?

The Career Development Center only approves internships for academic credit if they are completed at domestically owned companies. However, to learn more about international internship opportunities, please visit the Center for Global Education.

2. What is the difference between the course numbers 290, 490, and 690?

290 is an independent internship course for freshman or sophomore students.

490 is an independent internship course for junior and senior students.

690 is an independent internship course for graduate-level students.

*Note: Freshman and sophomore students can register in a 490-level course with Department Chair approval.

3. If I choose to receive a registration verification letter on my application, when will it be sent to me?

Once you submit your application, your Faculty Advisor must approve your application. Once your Faculty Advisor approves it, the Career Development Center will review and approve your application and send it to the Registrar.

Please allow 5-7 business days for the Registrar to register you in your internship course. Once you are registered, you and your employer will receive the registration verification letter from the Career Development Center. If you have not received it 3-5 business days after your internship course appears on your class schedule, please contact the Career Development Center.

4. What is a faculty advisor and how do I find one?

In order to earn academic credit for your internship, there needs to be a full-time faculty member associated with your internship. Each student is responsible for reaching out to a faculty member within the department they are registering for. It can be anyone of your choice, as long as they are full-time and you have contacted them to ensure they are willing to serve as your advisor, assign you the academic component, and issue you a grade at the end of the term.

5. How do I petition to late-add an internship course?

Please see the Petition Process section above.

6. Can a family member or Chapman student serve as my Site Supervisor?

No, a family member of Chapman student may not serve as your Site Supervisor.

7. How many semesters can I intern at the same location?

You may intern at the same location for academic credit for no more than two (2) semesters.

8. What is the maximum amount of internship credits I can receive through Chapman University?

You can earn 12 internship credits total throughout your time at Chapman.

9. I need to maintain my status as a full-time student to secure my financial aid for the semester, but I do not have my internship site confirmed yet. What do I do?

Prior to the add/drop deadline, contact the Career Development Center's Internship Coordinator, Heidi Swanson at or (714) 744-7688 for details on how to register in an internship placeholder course.

10. Can I get paid AND get academic credit for an internship?

Yes! Chapman does not exclude you from earning academic credit from a paid internship. However, you should always check with your site supervisor at your internship to make sure they have the same policy. If you have questions about a paid opportunity that you want to earn academic credit for please contact the Career Development Center.

+ - Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty Internship Advisors

1. How do I evaluate my student intern for a grade? 

There are various methods commonly used by faculty to evaluate/grade the student intern: term paper, daily log or journal, project, portfolio, presentation, or other. It is up to your discretion as the faculty advisor to determine the exact assignment(s) and learning objectives for this internship course/experience with the student at the beginning of the semester.

In addition to the work you may assign to the student, his or her site supervisor will also sign a timesheet and complete an evaluation on the student’s performance toward the end of the internship. Both of these may be taken into account when determining the student’s grade.

2. How often am I required to meet with the student I am advising?

Again, this is something that each faculty advisor can determine. We encourage that the faculty advisor touch base with the student at least three times—at the beginning, middle, and end of the internship. The number and frequency of meetings can be developed based on what you deem necessary for the learning objectives.

3. How much and how do I get paid for being a faculty advisor?

Faculty advisors are paid $50 per unit, depending on how many units the student intern is registered for in the internship course.

Faculty are paid as the student grades are posted for their course, which begins once the semester has ended. When a grade is posted, a pay request is processed for the amount owed and then paid out on the 26th of that month in which the grade is posted. You will receive payment via check/direct deposit, much like a normal course. If you need additional information, please contact your Dean's office or Faculty Affairs.

4. When is the deadline to submit the student’s internship grade? 

The grades are due with all other course grades at the end of the semester. There is not a separate internship submission date. Please visit the Academic Calendar for more information.

5. Do I need to communicate with my student’s site supervisor during their internship?

Yes, whether by phone, email, or in person, please contact the site supervisor to introduce yourself as the point of contact within the first four weeks of the student’s internship.

6. Who do I contact at the Career Development Center if I have any questions about the internship process?

Heidi Swanson, Internship Coordinator at or (714) 744-7688

For additional information, please visit our page on Advising an Intern.

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