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» B.A. in Psychology

The B.A. in Psychology studies the complexities of human behavior combined with opportunities to take part in research, preparing students for their future professions by preparing them for the personal interactions necessary for the careers associated with psychology.

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+ - Possible Occupations

With a B.A.:


With an M.A.:

Local, State & Federal


Health Care & Mental Health


Business, Sales, Marketing & Advertising




Beyond an M.A.:


Additional Resources about career and internship opportunities are available on the Crean School of Health & Life Sciences.

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What can I do with a B.A. in Psychology?

What can I do with a psychology degree?

University of West Georgia

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Careers in Psychology

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My Graduate School

Psychology Degree Online

Job resources in k-12 education

Online psychology career center

Forensic psychology jobs

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Where will a career in psychology take you?

Do something that matters.  For yourself.  For others. sites

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Find the right psychology degree

Find the right psychology program for you

Go further in psychology

Pre-Professional Psychology Opportunities

Guide on how to Choose a Specialization

30 Of the Most Fantastic International Resources on Learning, Research, and Scientific Community Building

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