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Choosing a career is a lifelong journey and statistics show that most will change careers 3 or more times in a lifetime. Rest assured that choosing your first career may not be for life. The skills you gain from any major you choose can assist in many careers. It’s important to research and do some self-discovery to see what type of career would be most fulfilling for you. Below are some roads that can lead to your future. 

+ - Four Stage Plan to Success

To Prepare for Success it is important to create a satisfying future, it is important to identify what you enjoy.  Once you have a solid understanding of what you enjoy it is time to explore how you can include those interests into your future.  After researching possible careers, you can narrow down future opportunities you are interested in pursuing.  By this point you should have a select group of goals and a strong desire to achieve them. So it is time to focus on the goal and move forward.

+ - The Paw - Career Decision Making Portal

Panther Paw Job PortalThe Paw is a personal guide to your IDEAL JOB.  The purpose of the The Paw is it to show all the elements you would want in an ideal job – it is not a picture of your ideal life.

The Paw’s purpose is to help with brainstorming career fields that look like potential ‘matches’ with what you have filled in.  In that way, career ideas are generated from what YOU as a whole person want, not from ‘your major’ or confined to what you’ve done in the past.

Your Paw won’t contain EVERYTHING about a new career field, but it should be complete enough to start you on the next steps:  researching—via books, Internet, and information interviewing—to learn as much as you can about these new career possibilities.

Once you’ve completed The Paw, you’ll be ready for the brainstorming portion—the fun part!  Bring your Paw in to the CDC for some ideas; show your Paw to family and friends and colleagues to see if they have ideas.  Be open to whatever is suggested, and keep a running list of all careers proposed.  They may not be actual job titles but may be a sort of vague reference to some kind of work in an industry.  That’s ok, because your challenge will be to explore what those actual jobs might be.  And there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy doing the research.  After all, those career ideas were generated from YOUR information.

The Paw can be a work in progress.

Don’t rule out occupations with strange or unfamiliar titles, or those mentioned to you that you have a negative impression of.  If a counselor or friend suggests a career field based on your Paw content, check out that occupation before rejecting it. Sometimes we have formed opinions (good and bad) about occupations based on media portrayals or other input which is inaccurate.

After generating a list of possible career areas, talk with a CDC staff member for ideas on how to effectively research those careers, particularly the details of information interviewing.  Ultimately the people from whom you gather this information may serve as the beginning of your network in the career field, and it’s prudent and valuable to conduct your information gathering professionally.

Please make sure you have read all the directions and looked at all the options for each section of The Paw

+ - What to Do with My Major - Major Portal

Learn about career opportunities, clubs and organizations and professional resources associated with every undergraduate major offered at Chapman University.  Each page offers a unique and individualized list of valuable resources that can include internship and job search resources under “Links and Resources”.

+ - Informational Interviewing

An informational interview is done to gather information about a certain career. You can do an info interview with teachers, employers or any professional in any industry. You can request to do one with any person who works closely in a field you are interested in knowing more about. This guide will help you formulate questions for an these sessions. 

+ - VAULT - Career Intelligence

Vault offers comprehensive information on job hunting, career information, company profiles, message boards, industry and occupation profiles, and an online career library of resources, including sections offering company research options; videos; examples of resumes and cover letters; and career guides. 

Chapman University in conjunction with has arranged for you to have free, unrestricted privileges to the largest most comprehensive online career resource available.  Content in updated daily so be sure to visit frequently.

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