» Four Stage Plan to Success

Prepare for Success

1. Create a satisfying future, it is important to identify what you enjoy.

2. Once you have a solid understanding of what you enjoy it is time to explore how you can include those interests into your future.

3. After researching possible careers, you can narrow down future opportunities you are interested in pursuing.

4. By this point you should have a select group of goals and a strong desire to achieve them. So it is time to focus on the goal and move forward.

+ - Stage One - Identify Interests

  1. Work on Major exploration if you are still undecided
  2. Begin to connect with Professors; you never know when you will need them (Utilize office hours and introduce yourself)
  3. Join clubs and organizations on campus to meet new people and gain insight into diverse opportunities and careers.
  4. Fill out networking form with CDC and keep up to date with the many activities that CDC offers.
  5. Get information and start the process on resume writing during quick questions.  

+ - Stage Two - Match Interests to Future

  1. Make sure to update Panther Connect profile and upload resume.  Being on Panther Connect allows you to participate in exclusive CDC events that may pertain to your area of interest.
  2. Prepare and get a resume critique during quick questions
  3. Seek internships
  4. Begin to research industries and job titles of interest
  5. Start to develop a networking list (attend CDC events great resource for network connections)
  6. Begin information interviewing
  7. Look into professional associations related to major or career interest
  8. Participate in CDC major and career activities (Excursions, Lounges, and Expo)

+ - Stage Three - Narrow Your Focus

  1. Update Panther Connect profile and resume
  2. Research careers and continue to conduct information interviews
  3. Take on leadership roles in your favorite clubs and organizations
  4. Continue to utilize all the CDC events and programs
  5. Identify a group of career related goals.  Share your goals with others.
  6. Begin to research if any of your chosen careers require graduate school

+ - Stage Four - Implement

  1. Update Panther Connect   
  2. Prepare Resume, Cover Letter, and Thank You letter
  3. Develop interviewing skills
  4. Continue to build on network if you’re going to apply for jobs or go to graduate school (Reference List/Recommendation letters)
  5. Begin conducting networking for Job Search!!!
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