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panther pawParticipation in an internship program can enhance an employer’s relationship with Chapman University by way of new academic partnerships, a recruitment pipeline to build your applicant pool, and a culture of mentorship and learning.

This guide will walk you through the steps and resources for:

+ - 1) Legal topics, compensation and insurance

Chapman University (CU) offers the opportunity for all majors to intern for credit. There is no long-term commitment so recruitment for projects with short and ongoing timelines is welcomed year-round. Several national studies have shown that participation in such programs is a cost-effective for employers to pre-screen, evaluate, train, recruit and hire talent. Although there are many tasks students can perform, the primary purpose of an internship is to provide a beneficial learning environment for the student. Your organization is welcome to create Intern postings for a variety of roles and experiences, but first ask yourself:

  • Is the work meaningful and appropriate for a college student? Hiring a student to perform busy work (cold calls, data entry, filing, answering phones, faxing, “gophering” etc.) is inappropriate for internship experiences. Hiring an intern to alleviate some of your busy work is acceptable if balanced with meaningful responsibilities.
  • Will there be sufficient learning opportunities?
  • Are you available for on-site supervision?
  • Will you provide appropriate resources for the student to do the job?
  • Are the required skills and responsibilities sufficiently challenging? If you decide that hiring an intern is right for your organization, here are a few more things to consider: Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Compensation and Insurance

If you decide that hiring an intern is right for your organization, here are a few more things to consider:

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA): Under the FLSA, Intern assignments should not replace the work of a regular employee, should be project based and provide a meaningful work/learn experience. According to the U.S Department of Labor, there are 6 criteria that must be met for a “for-profit” or private sector internship to be offered as unpaid.

Compensation: Wages may not be required however this is an excellent way to build your applicant pool (especially in summer when tuition is required for credit), create an attractive opportunity and honor your student intern for hard work. Compensation should be offered to the intern for any parking, transportation costs and other errands related to the work assignments.

    • Typical pay rates for an Intern can range from minimum wage up to $24/hour depending on work assignment.
    • Students hired via an independent contract do not qualify as an unpaid intern.
    • If your student is paid, CU registration may not be required however a paid intern may earn academic credit.

Insurance Coverage: CU offers general liability insurance only to credit-bearing interns. Please consult with your insurance carrier to ensure that interns are covered under your workers compensation policy to establish a safe work environment. Students being paid for their services shall be covered by the employer’s workers compensation. Upon request, Chapman University will provide a certificate of insurance for general liability insurance.

+ - 2) Hiring: CU’s Credit Bearing Internship Program

Every employer and internship is unique. Customize your own objectives to best accommodate the needs of the intern and priorities of the organization. Keep in mind that not all interns are familiar with formal work settings and policies about conduct, break times, attendance and days off. Take some time to orient the student to your organizations policies at the start of the internship. Discuss and arrange supervision meetings with the student intern that allow for questions and progress to be discussed.

CU Internship Program Registration: Participating in the Chapman University Intern Program is optional. After selecting your finalist, the student can provide you with registration materials (in print or virtual) that are managed by the CU Career Development Center (CDC) if academic credit is required.

Please note: A Chapman intern may only receive credit for an internship with a specific company for two semesters total. After that, interns are eligible to stay if their employers would like to extend their internships, but they will not be afforded any additional academic credit.

Intern Learning Agreement

Intern Learning Agreement: Student registration is established by a written agreement that represents a 4-way partnership between: the student, Site Supervisor, a CU Faculty Internship Advisor and the Career Development Center. Once duties are assigned by the Site Supervisor, the hiring party who assigns projects and work, the student works with a selected Faculty Internship Advisor to establish learning objectives related to their field of study. This agreement can be customized for each party to agree upon tasks and expectations. You will receive the agreement form from the student via email or in person once they are hired.

About mid-way through the internship, the designated Site Supervisor will receive an Intern Performance Evaluation via email from the CU Career Development Center.

Towards the end of the term, the student intern will request that you review a CU Timesheet to confirm the hours completed.

For questions or assistance with the registration process, please contact our CDC Front Desk at (714) 997-6942 or our Internship Coordinator at (714) 744-7688.

Credit Eligibility or Verification Letter: Human Resources teams may require a letter that verifies that the student has ability to register or has already completed registration. If this is applicable for your site, the student can request this letter from the CDC, and it will be delivered promptly (via email or in person).

+ - 3) Supervising: Ensuring a successful internship experience

Chapman University interns commit to agreed-upon job duties and work schedules. The work agreement should be discussed at the beginning of service with clear expectations on the specific number of hours of work per week or per semester. Credit bearing Intern Program commitments vary from the University’s minimum requirement of 20 hours for ½ credit up to 120 hours for 3 credits and beyond.

Internship Supervision

  • Prepare a work-space: Create a workspace, orientation meeting agenda and work plan for your intern to begin their new role successfully. Include staff on the orientation agenda that will be involved in the student projects and key members of your professional team.
  • Mentorship: Many supervisors offer mentor lunches or meetings throughout the term as needed to review strengths, discuss workplace culture and expectations. We hope that this experience is positive for both you and your intern! Often supervisors will find that they become a champion for the student’s career building experience.
  • Timesheets: To create accountability we suggest a timesheet similar to those used by regular staff. Students earning credit will provide a CU Internship Program time sheet for review and signature to complete their assignment at the end of the term.
  • Performance Evaluation for Credit Bearing Interns: The CU Internship Program team will send a performance survey via e-mail to evaluate the student intern mid-term. We encourage you to share the ratings of this review with the student for constructive feedback.
  • CU Internship Program Contact Information: Contact our team to discuss any warning signs, a supervisory issue due to poor attendance or if tasks and expectations are not being met. The Operations Team can be reached at 714-997-6942.
  • Emergency Contact Information: We encourage you to collect the intern’s immediate emergency contact information for local family or friends. If there is an emergency involving the Intern during evening or weekend hours, please contact the Chapman University Public Safety Office at (714) 997-6763.

Contact Numbers and Information 

Career Development Center - Front Desk
(714) 997-6942

Career Development Center - Internship Coordinator
(714) 774-7688

Chapman University Public Safety Office
(714) 997-6763

Chapman University

Career Development Center

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Technical Support is available if you have questions or would like to update a posting, contact the Career Development Center (Monday - Friday) at (714) 997-6942.

A Career Relations Specialist is available Monday-Friday at (714) 744-7980 to discuss targeted recruitment strategies beyond the portal, assist in posting your Internship and answer any questions with regards to the Internship Program and hiring process.

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