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» The Healthy Panther Initiative

At Chapman University we educate the whole person by focusing on what we call the Four Pillars—the intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual dimensions of a human being.

The Healthy Panther Initiative (HPI), a required program for all new first-year and transfer undergraduate students, provides information, skills, and resources that help in the overall development and success of our students. The program is designed to empower students with information and skills to help them make positive decisions regarding the use of alcohol and drugs, sexual relationships, personal health, social health, and bystander intervention skills related to the prevention of sexual misconduct incidents. Prevention information and skills are conveyed to men and women utilizing video clips, lecture, sharing of real life experiences and the use of humor, but central to the program is the integration of the three topics: alcohol use, sexual assault prevention, and safer sex choices.

Choicepoint Lite, the interactive educational component of the Healthy Panther Initiative, has been written, designed, and is presented by Dr. Dani Smith, Director of PEER and Health Education. The program not only provides information, but also challenges students to utilize effective strategies and skills that can help keep them on track as they accomplish their educational/academic goals.

About The Healthy Panther Initiative

The Healthy Panther Initiative is a two-part program that includes the following:

Choicepoints Lite

Dani SmithThis is an interactive, educational presentation that reminds students of the many potential physical, mental, and social consequences that can occur as a result of drug and alcohol abuse, including driving under the influence, the potential for sexual assault, the spread of STD/STIs, the dangers of alcohol poisoning, and other related high risk behaviors. The model is anchored in the expectation that possessing accurate information about alcohol, sexual assault, and safer sex empowers students to make informed decisions regarding their health and safety. Particular emphasis is given to the ways that alcohol relates to sexual assault and risky sexual behaviors. Bystander intervention skills are presented, discussed, and emphasized during the program. (Sessions are scheduled during Orientation)

Survey Monkey

Approximately four-to-six weeks after students attend a Choicepoints Lite session, they will receive another Chapman email with a follow-up survey containing the same questions they were asked during the Choicepoints Lite presentation. The students’ responses will help the university gage student community behavior and assess our Healthy Panther Initiative.

Upon completion of the three components that comprise HPI, students receive a certificate of and links to resources that support the health and safety information provided throughout the HPI program.

C.A.R.E.S. Bystander Intervention Video