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First Year Programs

» Your Guide to Getting Involved

The most successful Panther is both a quality student and an active member of our community. There are many opportunities for you to enhance your academic experience by becoming involved in a club or organization, participating in community service, or becoming a student leader on campus. These department links will lead you to more information on how to get involved in the Chapman community.

Civic Engagement Initiatives »

Civic Engagement Initiatives inspires students to see themselves as part of the larger social fabric and to be informed and active citizens in our local, national, and global communities. Civic Engagement Initiatives creates experiences wherein students develop the knowledge, skills, and motivation they need for responsible engagement in our diverse society.

Clubs and Organizations »

With over 150 clubs and organizations on campus that cover a huge spectrum of topics, it is hard to not find a perfect environment to fit for your personality. Improv, art, science, snowboarding — whatever it is, we probably have it. It's just a matter of you signing up, showing up, and having fun.

Cross-Cultural Center »

The Cross-Cultural Center is designed to engage the Chapman Community in learning experiences fostering a campus environment that highly values personal dignity, diversity, equity, civility and global citizenship.

First Year Programs »

Since your first year at college is such a unique and life changing experience, Chapman has developed a multitude of programs to help build community and enhance academic success specifically for our freshman and first year transfer students. 

Fraternity and Sorority Life »

With about a third of the Chapman student population involved and continued growth each year, it's no secret that Chapman's Fraternity and Sorority Life community is something special. Build lifelong friends and get involved. 

Leadership Opportunities »

Chapman could not succeed without involved students, and this is the place to learn about all the opportunities available to make a difference. Become a senate member, plan campus events, or be the face of Chapman for all incoming students and parents. Be a campus leaders.

Sports and Recreation »

There are many levels to Chapman's athletic opportunities for students including intercollegiate and club sports for the more involved athlete and open recreation, intramural sports and fitness classes for the more leisurely exerciser. Get your game on.

Student Employment Opportunities »

We know money is sometimes an issue or need during college, but having off-campus employment can be a hassle. Since Chapman is a functioning organization that means there are plenty of student employment opportunities available on campus. Help Chapman prosper while getting paid!

Student Government Association »

As the main student governing board at Chapman, SGA works as an advocate for the student and is composed of student leaders. This is a great opportunity to get your voice heard and make a difference on campus.

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University Program Board »

The party people! Responsible for fun and exciting events around campus, UPB is the main group putting on concerts, lecture, and social happenings. If you're interested in planning these events or just want to enjoy them, we highly recommend checking them out.

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