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First Year Experience

» Your Guide to Student Services

Chapman University supports your college experience by providing a variety of campus resources. It is important that you take advantage of these resources in order to maintain a productive and healthy lifestyle. Are you looking for tech support? Do you have questions about your bill? Would you like to speak to someone confidentially? The departments listed below are all ready to help you get the most out of your Chapman Experience.

Financial Aid »

Since up to 80% of the Chapman population has some form of financial aid or scholarship, the Financial Aid department is here to answer questions, guide you through different opportunities and keep you informed on all things related to your finances at Chapman.

Fish Interfaith Center »

Chapman's history is rooted in religious and spiritual traditions and we are proud to offer students of all beliefs and religious backgrounds the opportunity to celebrate and worship within our community. The Fish Interfaith Center is the home to Chapman's spiritual side and welcomes all.

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Residence Life and First Year Experience»

Chapman's Residence life is a very vibrant and close knit community of students. The Office of Residence Life and First Year Experience provides on-campus housing options and off-campus housing resources to students, as well as providing guidance and programs to help you get settled in at Chapman.

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IS&T Help Desk »

The Information Systems & Technology department provides services and support to students for computing, network, telecom and media services. Chapman is a wireless school so feel free to park yourself on the beautiful campus lawns and enjoy the sun while you browse the Internet.

Peer and Health Education »

Student safety and awareness is a top priority for Chapman University and P.E.E.R. (Proactive Education Encouraging Responsibility) is dedicated to educating students on subjects of sexual assault, domestic violence, eating disorders and other general health issues. Stay safe and be aware.

Public Safety »

The goal of Public Safety is to provide students with a safe learning/living environment and to regulate the rules Chapman University put in place to make everyone's journey a pleasant and comfortable one. By campus monitoring, saferide escort programs, event security and self defense classes, student can feel safe.

Restaurant Services »

Chapman University Restaurant Services is more than great food. It is community centered on culinary expertise, fresh ingredients, healthy options and a shared sense of environmental and social responsibility. Find out about the unique dining options, dietary programs and sustainability actions taken to make your dining experience great.

Student Business Services »


The office of Student Business Services is an extension of the Financial Services Department at Chapman University. SBS is responsible for the financial administration of all student billing related to tuition and fees, room and board, and for the processing of refunds, as well as, providing support and advice to students to aid in understanding their student account with the University.

Student Health Services »

Have a medical issue? Chapman University Student Health (CUSH), is staffed with professionally licensed nurses, nurse practitioners and physicians. We feel your health plays a vital role in how successfully you achieve your academic, social and personal goals during your college years. Good health promotes favorable results, poor health can be a major liability.

Student Psychological Counseling Services »

Mental health is a serious matter for developing students. With the pressures of school, peers, and life in general, Chapman wants every student to be able to talk with someone. SPCS has licensed and professional psychologists, therapists, and marriage and family therapist interns who provide students with counseling services to help them function successfully in the academic environment.

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