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The Elections Committee oversees elections of the Student Government Association. This includes the election of the President, Vice-President and Senators.

+ - Fall 2017 Unofficial Election Results

Underclassmen Senator Seat:

Saba Amid

Student Organization Senator Seats:

Erin Mason

Maytal Sarafian

Tyler Brooks

+ - Fall 2017 Candidate Guide

Learn more about the Fall 2017 Senatorial candidates in the Candidate Guide.

+ - Fall 2017 Senate Elections

Seats Available: Three (3) Student Organization Senator seats; One (1) Lowerclassmen Senator seat.


Candidate Filing: September 4th-September 11th @ 5:00PM

Mandatory Candidate Meeting: September 12th (Time TBD)

Campaign Period: September 13th-September 20th @ 5:00PM

Deadline for Write-in candidates: September 17th @ 5:00PM

General Election: September 18th-September 20th @ 5:00PM (www.chapmanvotes.com)

Unofficial Election Results Announced: September 20th @ 7:00PM

Campaign and Expense Report Due: September 20th @ 5:00PM

All Campaign Materials Removed: September 20th @ 7:00PM

Results Appeals Deadline: September 22nd @ 5:00PM

+ - Spring 2018 Executive Elections

Seats Available: One (1) SGA President seat; One (1) SGA Vice President seat.


Candidate Filing: February 23rd-March 2nd @ 5:00PM

Mandatory Candidate Meeting: March 2nd (Time TBD)

Campaign Period: March 5th-March 14th @ 5:00PM

Deadline for Write-in candidates: March 11th @ 5:00PM

General Election: March 12th-March 14th @ 5:00PM

Unofficial Election Results Announced: March 14th @ 7:00PM

Results Appeals Deadline: March 16th @ 5:00PM

+ - Spring 2018 Senate Elections

Seats Available: Two (2) Student Organization Senator seats; One (1) Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Senator seat; One (1) Schmid College of Science and Technology Senator seat; One (1) College of Performing Arts Senator seat; One (1) Argyros School of Business and Economics Senator seat; One (1) School of Pharmacy Senator seat; One (1) School of Communication Senator seat; One (1) Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences Senator seat; One (1) College of Educational Studies Senator seat; One (1) Dodge College of Film and Media Arts Senator seat; One (1) Upperclassmen Senator seat.


Candidate Filing: March 26th-April 4th @ 5:00PM

Mandatory Candidate Meeting: April 5th (Time TBD)

Campaign Period: April 9th-April 18th @ 5:00PM

Deadline for Write-in candidates: April 15th @ 5:00PM

General Election: April 16th-April 18th @ 5:00PM

Unofficial Election Results Announced: April 18th @ 7:00PM

Results Appeals Deadline: April 20th @ 5:00PM

Director of Elections

All questions regarding the Elections Process should be directed towards the Director of Elections, Elliot Gardner at sgaelections@chapman.edu.
photo of Elliot Gardner
Elliot Gardner
Director of Elections