» We CU Mentorship Program

The We CU Mentorship program facilitated by the Cross-Cultural Center empowers students to explore various facets of their identities and life experiences through intimate 1-1 relationships with peers, staff or faculty. Mentor relationships are grounded in four pillars of development: Spiritual, Intellectual, Social, and/or Identity. Mentors serve as positive role models and share perspectives grounded in their shared experiences.

  • Spiritual: guidance on development related to identities of spirituality, religion and faith. Through this model, students can navigate their way through purpose, belief and meaning or question their prior knowledge and perspectives.
  • Intellectual: guidance on the academic experience relating to intellectual goals, academic involvements, class standing, graduation, etc. Students can learn to value and support current ways of thinking, acknowledge success and pursue unfamiliar or challenging perspectives.
  • Social: guidance on leadership and co-curricular involvements and how such experiences can enforce greater leadership capacities, internal voice and sense of self.
  • Identity: guidance on development related to students’ social identities (ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation and others) and how these identities affect other aspects of student life. 

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The We CU Mentorship community fosters the exploration of cross-cultural dialogue, diversity and identity and community building among students. Mentees can join the program for various outcomes including:

  • Sense of belonging and community
  • Connections with the Cross-Cultural Center and understanding of University resources
  • Personal growth through 1-1 interactions, trainings and socials

 For any questions or concerns, please email Negeen Lotfi at lotfi@chapman.edu.

Programs Offered

  • Workshops
  • Social Hours
  • Resources
  • 1-1 Relationships

Interested in Becoming a Mentor?

The We CU Mentorship Program offers students, staff and faculty the opportunity to cultivate a positive learning experience for undergraduate students. Through 1-1 relationships, mentors instill a sense of belonging and community within mentees students. Further mentor outcomes include:

  • Leadership and community building skills
  • Empathy for other students
  • Understanding of and appreciation for diverse cultures, identities and experiences

Applications for Spring 2018 mentors are now closed. Please check back for Fall 2018 applications later this year.