» About the Cross-Cultural Center

The Cross-Cultural Center fosters the exploration and affirmation of the unique identities at Chapman University. Programs and services encourage students to explore, celebrate, and share their diverse cultures and traditions; further examine and cultivate the multiple aspects of their personal identities; develop an appreciation of and respect for diversity; and hone their skills in cross-cultural leadership and dialogue while creating a welcoming and inclusive campus community.

Cross-Cultural Center programs, resources, and services are designed to cultivate students’:

  • knowledge of one’s own identity, culture and biases
  • empathy for individuals different from themselves
  • connection to the Chapman community
  • understanding of the positive influence of a diverse campus on student learning and growth
  • capacity for allyship

CaCCCHE - The Cross-Cultural Center is a member of the California Council of Cultural Centers in Higher Education (CaCCHE), a network of professionals that embraces the diverse nature of our campuses and confirms the essential and critical role that cultural centers play in addressing the unique challenges and opportunities presented by diversity.