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One of the central features of the Cross-Cultural Center is its four meeting rooms, each of which is equipped with a flat screen television and Apple TV system.  Each room has been assigned a theme that highlights a social identity that has traditionally been underrepresented in higher education and is present within the Chapman student body.  Each room has also been assigned a name, determined by students, that represents an attribute associated with that identity.

Perseverance Room Asian, Pacific-Islander, and Desi-American theme
The purpose of the Asian, Pacific-Islander, and Desi-American themed room is to showcase the various cultural enclaves that these communities have built and sustained for themselves in the United States. The Perseverance Room also features photographs from the 1950s to present day of APIDA cultural heritage sites in the greater Los Angeles, California area.

Respect Room LGBTQIA theme
The Respect Room showcases intersectionality within the LGBTQIA community and highlights historical and current advocates including Frida Kahlo, Judith Butler, Paula Gunn Allen, and Sean Safia M. Walker.  Student artwork in the Respect Room received a first place award from the American College Unions International (ACUI).

Resilience Room (المرونة) - Middle Eastern theme                                                                                                    The Resilience Room currently exhibits the Middle Eastern communities represented at Chapman University through both traditional and contemporary lenses. This room is new to 2019-2020 and features artwork, literature, and cultural furniture represerntative of various Middle Eastern populations.

Hope Room - Black/African American theme
The Hope room features unique artwork from San Diego artist, Michael Massenburg, who provides educational opportunities for various organizations and has served as President of the Inglewood Cultural Arts, Inc.  Michael's artwork depicts imagery of class, race, and culture in their relationship through rituals.

Lounge                                                                                                                                                      Reservations within the Cross-Cultural Center are primarily facilitated through the Center’s four meeting rooms.  Reservations for the lounge may be available on a limited basis for student organization and campus group events that meet the following criteria:

  • The request is submitted at least two weeks in advance of the intended event date.
  • There are no prior reservations/events scheduled in the main lounge or adjoining meeting rooms for the entire duration of the requested event.
  • The event is created for and open to the general student population at Chapman - student organizations and campus groups are not able to host private events in the Cross-Cultural Center.
  • The event is not a general body meeting for a student organization
  • The event will take place on a day/time that the Cross-Cultural center is open and staffed.
  • The event will contribute to at least one of the following purposes of the Cross-Cultural Center.  Cross-Cultural Center programs, services, and resources are intended to cultivate students’:
    • knowledge of their own identity, culture and biases
    • empathy for individuals different from themselves
    • understanding of the positive influence of a diverse campus on student learning and growth 
    • capacity for allyship

Please note that the Cross-Cultural Center will remain open for the campus during any student organization and group events scheduled in the lounge.  All events taking place within the Cross-Cultural Center need to abide by University event policies and protocols.  To request a reservation for the lounge, email crossculturalcenter@chapman.edu.  

Student organizations receive priority when requesting space in the Cross-Cultural Center and can request space online through 25Live.  Faculty and staff can email crossculturalcenter@chapman.edu to inquire about remaining availability.  Space requests for the Cross-Cultural Center can be submitted by current Student Organizations through Engage.