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As a faculty member there are multiple outlets for you to explore integration of community engagement into your teaching and/or research. Whether you're already working with a community agency and looking to formalize your service into your academic practice or are entering the community for the first time, we are here to support your efforts. 

Service-Learning and Your Classroom

Service-learning combines academic study with community engagement to create a mutually beneficial educational experience.

Scholarship & Funding

If you are seeking funding or recognition for your community engagement project, there are multiple opportunities at Chapman and within the broader academic community.

Student-Faculty Research

Student-Faculty research or creative activity offers the opportunity to support students as they explore the connections between community engagement and their discipline.

Training and Support

If you are interested in receiving training and support for your ventures in community engagement, there are a number of on-campus and off-campus resources available. 

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Anat Herzog, Ph.D.
Liaison for Academic Service-Learning

Justin Koppelman, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Student Engagement