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Civic Engagement Initiatives selects and publicly recognizes graduating students who have committed to meaningful public service or otherwise strengthened civic life on and off campus during their tenure at Chapman University. Available to undergraduate and graduate students, a recognition of civic honors is an opportunity to celebrate and reflect achievements in support of Chapman University’s mission of global citizenship and strengthen a network of engaged alumni who share and act on that mission.

To be considered for civic honors, students must demonstrate an exceptional commitment to civic engagement and leadership. The application for civic honors collects information about relevant academic and civic experiences through which a meaningful social impact was achieved and through which the students’ development as an active citizen was advanced. Strong applications will show a demonstrated commitment to civic engagement and leadership through traditional volunteer service to the local, national, or global community; through research that has a strong civic or public applicability; through engagement in advocacy or political processes; or through other forms of engagement, including internships and paid positions. Applicants must possess a strong academic record that demonstrates an integration of their academic and public lives.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis through July 31!

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Eligibility and Benefits

To be eligible for civic honors:

  • You must be a graduating student.
  • You must have completed two courses related to civic engagement, with a minimum course grade of 3.0 in each class. Do not submit courses for which you do not currently have a grade on your transcript, including courses in which you are currently enrolled.
  • You must have been involved in at least three civic experiences during your time as a student at Chapman University.

The benefits of civic honors include:

  • A certificate of recognition
  • A civic honors pin to wear on your commencement gown
  • Being named a civic honors recipient on the university website and in other institutional outlets
  • A connection to the Civic Honors Network, an alumni group committed to civic engagement

Application Information

The civic honors application has three sections related to your academic and civic experiences, with an emphasis on those that have most meaningfully contributed to your preparation for effective civic engagement and leadership. A successful application will not simply describe a course or experience. Rather, it will illustrate how the course or experience advanced your knowledge, skills, values, and/or motivations for civic engagement. The application will also require you to upload an unofficial transcript.

  1. Relevant Academic Experiences: This section will collect information about coursework that helped develop your knowledge, skills, values, and motivations for civic engagement. You may include any two Chapman University courses, as long as they have a clear connection to civic life. This connection might be demonstrated through a focus on relevant theory, through an emphasis on public policy, through exploration of a particular economic/environmental/social issue, or through direct community engagement. The course in some way should have played a role in helping you more clearly understand your civic responsibilities.
  2. Relevant Civic Experiences: This section will collect information about civic experiences that helped develop your knowledge, skills, values, and motivations for civic engagement. You may include any two experiences, regardless of whether they are on- or off-campus and paid or unpaid, as long as they have a meaningful social impact. Out of the three experiences described, only one may be a one-day activity.
  3. Short Essays: This section will ask you to reflect on your civic growth and on how the totality of your academic and civic experiences has transformed your understanding of civic engagement and civic responsibility.


Class of 2020

  • Alysa Buckler
  • Avery Bennett
  • Casey Corbin
  • Emily Ghods
  • Erin Nolte
  • Jill Kleinkauf
  • Kevin O'Connor
  • Olivia Mello
  • Olivia Vanni