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Scope of Campus Services

» Scope of Campus Services for Physical and Mental Health

Chapman University is committed to being a welcoming, supportive community in which students can succeed academically, even when facing personal, medical, or mental health concerns. Our goal is to create a network of care and support that emphasizes early intervention as well as academic success and progress for all students.

Mental and Physical Health Services on Campus

The University offers brief therapy at Student Psychological Counseling Services, referrals and ongoing support from the Dean of Students Office, and support through the Student Health Center and Disability Services.

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Case Management Services and On-Campus Counseling

Students may access brief therapy on campus through Student Psychological Counseling Services (SPCS) as well as referrals to off-campus treatment.

All students are welcome to meet with Dean of Students Office staff, including the case manager, to discuss resources. The case manager connects students to off-campus mental health services by providing referrals to specialists, tips for using health insurance, help scheduling the first appointment, and follow-up.

All full-time undergraduates pay a Health and Counseling Services fee to be eligible for brief counseling through SPCS. Part-time and graduate students may pay the fee to be eligible.

Prior to meeting with a therapist on campus, students must complete an assessment and screening at SPCS to discuss possible treatment plans:

  • For students with short-term needs, SPCS offers brief, goal-oriented individual therapy, limited psychiatric services, group sessions, workshops, and online resources to help students develop coping skills and improve their well-being.
  • For students who already have a mental health diagnosis and/or require remedial, reconstructive, or long-term therapy, SPCS will request that students meet with the case manager to transition to off-campus care. Students are responsible for off-campus costs.

If you are concerned about a Chapman student outside of business hours, or if you are a student who is looking to speak to someone outside of business hours, you may call SPCS at 714-997-6778 to connect with a clinical professional for assistance.

Transitions to Off-Campus Care

The University works with students to identify needs and connect students with off-campus specialists and support as appropriate. The following concerns likely require support outside of the scope of SPCS:

  • Request for services more than once per week or for more than one semester uninterrupted
  • Concerns that cannot be treated in a brief therapy model
  • Students already receiving ongoing therapy with another provider
  • Chronic or recurring suicidality, self-injury, previous hospitalizations, or untreated psychosis
  • An addition or eating disorder requiring medical monitoring or intensive outpatient treatment
  • Need for medication or assessments for learning disabilities or ADHD
  • Unwillingness or inability to address behavior or comply with treatment

The case manager in the Dean of Students Office regularly connects students to off-campus mental health services by providing referrals to specialists, tips for using health insurance, help scheduling the first appointment, and appropriate follow-up. Schedule an appointment with a member of the Dean of Students Office, including the case manager, by calling 714-997-6721.

Registering with Disability Services

Disability Services (DS) approves and coordinates accommodations and services for students with disabilities at Chapman to help students acquire skills essential to achieve academic and personal success. DS strives to support students and foster self-advocacy. Registration with DS is on a voluntary, self-identifying basis. Services are only available after a student has registered and presents current documentation of the disability from an appropriate specialist or physician. Students who received assistance in high school or a previous institution are strongly encouraged to meet with staff in DS even if they do not think they want to request accommodations at Chapman. Disability Services staff members recommend starting the conversation early and exploring options.

Student Health Services

The Student Health Center offers primary services for free or at a low cost. Services are available to full-time undergraduates and other students who pay the Student Health and Counseling Services fee. Services include:

  • First aid: cuts, burns, etc.
  • Acute illness: fever, sore throat, sudden pain, gastrointestinal symptoms
  • Immunizations, TB skin tests
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Travel abroad consultations

Walk-in hours are weekday mornings. Afternoon visits are by appointment only.

Students enrolled in Chapman health insurance have 24/7 free access to licensed physicians over
the phone or by using an app or TeleHelp website. Students without Chapman insurance may access the service for $40.00.

Seeking Assistance

Students are encouraged to reach out to campus resources to schedule an appointment with the appropriate office for support. Students who are not sure where to go for assistance are encouraged to schedule a meeting with the case manager in the Dean of Students Office by calling 714-997-6721.

Family members or others who are concerned about students are also welcome to inform the University of their concerns, and appropriate staff members will reach out to the student directly. Any concerned party may submit information online to the Student Concerns Intervention Team. The Student Concerns Intervention Team (SCIT) is a group that meets weekly to respond to student concerns and crises.

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Students Experiencing Difficulties

If a student is experiencing difficulties but is not in physical danger, they are encouraged to meet with the case manager or other member of the Dean of Students Office. Staff will discuss resources for students facing a medical issue, personal or family crisis, or the possible need to withdraw from classes after the deadline. Email or call 714-997-6721.

Student Emergencies

In the event of an emergency on campus, call Public Safety’s 24/7 dispatch at 714-997-6763. If it is a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

Prevention Education

The University offers ongoing prevention education and outreach throughout the year.

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P.E.E.R. (Proactive Education Encouraging Responsibility) is dedicated to providing students with information and support to help them develop skills related to substance abuse prevention, sexual and relationship violence prevention, healthy communication, conflict resolution, stress reduction, and other mental, physical and social health issues. P.E.E.R. programs are conducted by a licensed health care professional who leads the Healthy Panther Initiative and who is a key resource for sexual violence survivors.

Student Engagement and Student Organizations

Student Engagement and Fitness and Recreation Services are dedicated to helping students lead active lives, both by connecting to their community and taking care of themselves. Initiatives include fitness classes and rock wall climbing sessions.

Several Student Organizations also have health and wellness as their core values and host events related to these topics. Find out more about the organizations on campus.

Outreach Coordinator for Wellness Promotion

The Outreach Coordinator for Wellness Promotion in Residence Life and First Year Experience supports students in building skills and motivating them toward healthy lifestyles through events and individual meetings.

The Wellness Project

The Wellness Project from the Dean of Students Office is an initiative led by certified peer educators who offer educational programming promoting resilience, sleep hygiene, skill building, mental health, physical health, and the prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse. Follow the team on Instagram to learn about upcoming events.

Late Withdrawal Petition Process

Learn more about the late withdrawal petition process through the Dean of Students Office for students experiencing significant personal, medical, or family difficulties.

Concerned about a student?

Fill out the form linked below to help us identify students of concern.

Student Concern
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Is this an emergency?

If you are dealing with a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately or directly call one of the following offices on campus:

Public Safety 
(714) 997-6763
(all calls after regular business hours and on the weekends should be directed to Public Safety) 

Dean of Students Office
(714) 997-6721 
(regular business hours)

Residence Life and First Year Experience
(714) 997-6603  
(regular business hours)