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Scope of Campus Services

» Scope of Campus Services for Physical and Mental Health

Chapman University is committed to being a welcoming, supportive community in which students can succeed academically, even when facing personal, medical, or mental health concerns. Our goal is to create a network of care and support that emphasizes early intervention as well as academic success and progress for all students.

Mental and Physical Health Services on Campus

The University offers brief therapy at Student Psychological Counseling Services, referrals and ongoing support from the Dean of Students Office, and support through the Student Health Center and Disability Services.

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Seeking Assistance

Students are encouraged to reach out to campus resources to schedule an appointment with the appropriate office for support. Students who are not sure where to go for assistance are encouraged to schedule a meeting with the case manager in the Dean of Students Office by calling 714-997-6721.

Family members or others who are concerned about students are also welcome to inform the University of their concerns, and appropriate staff members will reach out to the student directly. Any concerned party may submit information online to the Student Concerns Intervention Team. The Student Concerns Intervention Team (SCIT) is a group that meets weekly to respond to student concerns and crises.

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Prevention Education

The University offers ongoing prevention education and outreach throughout the year.

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P.E.E.R. (Proactive Education Encouraging Responsibility) is dedicated to providing students with information and support to help them develop skills related to substance abuse prevention, sexual and relationship violence prevention, healthy communication, conflict resolution, stress reduction, and other mental, physical and social health issues. P.E.E.R. programs are conducted by a licensed health care professional who leads the Healthy Panther Initiative and who is a key resource for sexual violence survivors.

Late Withdrawal Petition Process

Learn more about the late withdrawal petition process through the Dean of Students Office for students experiencing significant personal, medical, or family difficulties.

CU Health & Wellness

CU Health and Wellness provides a centralized resource for students, faculty and staff to access Chapman health and wellness resources, tools and events. To learn more about maintaining wellness in your daily life, visit the centralized website below.

Concerned about a student?

Fill out the form linked below to help us identify students of concern.

Student Concern
Informational Report »

Is this an emergency?

If you are dealing with a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately or directly call one of the following offices on campus:

Public Safety 
(714) 997-6763
(all calls after regular business hours and on the weekends should be directed to Public Safety) 

Dean of Students Office
(714) 997-6721 
(regular business hours)

Residence Life and First Year Experience
(714) 997-6603  
(regular business hours)