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Reporting Incidents Related to Potential Bias

Please use the form below to report an incident of possible bias or hate. CERT often receives reports of incidents that happened anonymously, and we encourage the reporting of these incidents even if the responsible party is not yet identified.

You may submit the form anonymously, by leaving out contact information, if you prefer, but our ability to follow up with you will be limited in that case. The form will be forwarded directly to the CERT team so that they may review the incident, reach out to you if appropriate or possible, and look into what educational opportunities may be offered to the community. Key campus personnel may be included to develop an appropriate plan to support affected community members’ success and ensure the safety and well-being of the campus community.

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Reporting Harassment and Discrimination

If you would like to report that one or more specific individuals have engaged in potential harassment or discrimination as defined by the University Harassment & Discrimination policy or other campus policies, please contact the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Officer in Human Resources.

If you would like to report an incident of potential sexual misconduct as defined by the Student Conduct Code, please contact any of the individuals listed here.

Reporting Emergencies

If you are dealing with a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately. If your concern is related to a non-life threatening emergency that requires immediate attention or intervention, the CERT Incident Notification Form is not the appropriate way to let the University know about your concern. Please directly call one of the following offices with an emergency. Relevant information will be forwarded to CERT as appropriate.

Public Safety - (714) 997-6763 (all calls after regular business hours and on the weekends should be directed to Public Safety)

Dean of Students Office - (714) 997-6721 (regular business hours)

Housing and Residence Life - (714) 997-6603 (regular business hours)

CERT Incident Notification Form