To learn more about the Cross-Cultural Education & Resource Team, please read through our most frequently asked questions here. If there are further questions that you have that you do not see listed below, please feel free to email us at cert@chapman.edu.

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What is CERT?

The Cross-Cultural Education and Resource Team (CERT) is an advisory group based out of Student Affairs that is devoted to a stronger, more inclusive community at Chapman University. The purpose of CERT is to promote civility and respect by educating our community and empowering those affected by alleged incidents related to issues including, but not limited to, bias, hate, or discrimination. The team will actively involve those affected as well other students, faculty, and staff in shaping responses to various reported incidents.

Who serves in CERT?

CERT includes members from several departments across campus both in and beyond the Student Affairs Division. Current members represent the Dean of Students Office, the Cross-Cultural Center, Community and Civic Engagement, Residence Life and First Year Experience, Student Organizations, Public Safety, Student Psychological Counseling Services, Admissions, Human Resources, Athletics, Fish Interfaith Center, and the Office of Church Relations.

Why do we have CERT?

CERT began as one of many initiatives related to cross-cultural education and outreach within the Student Affairs Division at Chapman. The goal of the Cross-Cultural Initiatives is to provide a series of engaging experiences that expose students to multiple viewpoints on a variety of issues, as well as highlight the many different identities and cultures that comprise the Chapman student community. We recognize that any incident or activity related to alleged intolerance, bias, hate, or discrimination can jeopardize the active and open pursuit of education and opportunity within and beyond the Chapman community. Therefore, CERT was developed to help connect students with resources when they are in need as well as educate our community on issues that can affect us all.

What population of Chapman does CERT serve?

CERT serves everyone within the Chapman community by addressing issues affecting our students. While our focus is on students, we support opportunities to connect faculty, staff, and community members with students to discuss and reflect on regional, national, and international issues that are impacting the Chapman and Orange, CA communities.

What do I do if I think I have witnessed or been involved in something that should be reported to CERT?

First, if anyone is injured or in danger, immediately call 911. If no one is hurt but this is an emergency, contact Public Safety 24/7 (including holidays) at 714-997-6763. They will ensure that a staff member responds at your location. If an incident took place in the residence halls, Public Safety Dispatch will help you connect with the Resident Director and Resident Advisor on duty as well.

If this is not an emergency, but you have experienced or witnessed an incident or issue that is concerning, there are many groups on campus you may contact to report an incident, including:

  • Public Safety: 714-997-6763
  • Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs & Dean of Students: 714-997-6721
  • Student Psychological & Counseling Services: 714-997-6778
  • Equal Opportunity Office (for issues related to faculty/staff): 714-997-6847
  • To contact CERT directly, you may email cert@chapman.edu, fill out our online report form, or attend a CCI Community Forum meeting.

Whichever way you decide to report, CERT will be notified of any incident that the team should address.

What happens after an incident or issue is reported to CERT?

CERT will be notified by partner offices or individuals of an incident or issue negatively affecting the Chapman community. The team will then provide a confirmation that they have received the report to whomever originally made the report. Depending on the nature of the incident, CERT will first check that it is being addressed by Student Conduct, Students of Concern Intervention Team (SCIT), or Public Safety, and make those connections as appropriate. CERT members will then convene as a group, discuss and engage in a response to the incident, and connect with campus resources and partners. Each incident is treated individually to account for the unique nature of each situation, and responses may include active programming, public statements, training workshops, etc. with many departments involved to ensure appropriate resources are provided. Discretion will be utilized when appropriate, but it is important to note that incidents reported to CERT are not confidential.

Throughout the process, CERT will work closely with affected individuals and groups to offer opportunities for reflection, dialogue, and education for all involved parties and the Chapman community at large. CERT conducts this process as transparently as possible while keeping the affected individuals or groups safe and supported.

How often does CERT meet?

CERT meets every other week throughout the semester, but has the flexibility to meet quickly or more often if an incident has been reported to the group.

What types of incidents does CERT address?

CERT will address any incidents or activity reported by or to a member of the Chapman community that may be related to bias against a student or student group’s actual or perceived identity. These incidents include those that may adversely affect Chapman students, regardless of whether or not they took place on campus.

What types of incidents does CERT not address?

CERT will not investigate or adjudicate student conduct cases or issues of state or federal law. The team will not hold individuals or groups responsible for violating the Student Conduct Code or the law, as that is the role of Student Conduct or local authorities. Instead, our focus is on supporting and advocating for those affected, connecting students, faculty, and staff to resources, and informing and educating the larger campus community.

If CERT handles incidents of bias, is it limiting free speech?

No, not at all! In fact, CERT works to promote respectful exchange of differing ideas and exploration of diversity. Expression, civility, and freedom of speech are essential values within any academic community. At Chapman University, these values are core to offering a personalized education and maintaining an educational environment where our students, employees, and guests feel challenged and supported. As a diverse population, we must be able to live, work and learn in a climate of tolerance, civility and respect for the rights, property and sensibilities of others. For this reason, all topics are appropriate for discussion and debate within the framework of academic inquiry and self-expression.

As stated in our Student Conduct Code, students and student organizations are free to examine and discuss all questions of interest to them. They are free to express opinions publicly and privately as well as support causes by orderly means that do not disrupt the regular and essential operation of the institution. With this, it is clear to the academic and the larger community that students or student organizations speak only for themselves. If any expression of viewpoints were to infringe on someone else’s rights or otherwise threaten or intimidate another person or group, such behavior should be reported to CERT. Members of CERT will work with the affected party(ies) and campus resources to ensure that all members of the community are supported. Additionally, CERT will work with campus partners to offer opportunities for further discussion, education, and resources in an effort to promote civility and respect.

What happens if someone reports me to CERT?

CERT will not investigate or adjudicate student conduct cases or issues of state or federal law. Student Conduct or local authorities will get involved if a violation of the Student Conduct Code or a state or federal law has occurred. If for some reason there is a concern about a potential violation of the Student Conduct Code or other University policies, that information will be forwarded to Student Conduct or Human Resources as appropriate to be addressed through proper protocol related to the policies in question. CERT will not be involved other than to forward the information on to the appropriate department.


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