» Foreign Language Placement Test

Language Placement tests are available on Blackboard in the following languages:

  • Spanish

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Latin

This placement exam will place you in the appropriate level (101, 102, or 201) based on your abilities.  This exam will not fulfill the language portion of the Global Citizen Cluster of the General Education requirement. 

For placement in other languages, please contact the Department of Languages at 714-997-6843.

Please contact the Academic Advising Center at 714-744-7959 regarding log in problems.

+ - Language Proficiency Testing

Students who are proficient in a language other than English can choose to take a proficiency exam to satisfy the GE Language Study Requirement.

Registration is done online through the Brigham Young University F.L.A.T.S. Exam website, which can be found here. You must pass all three levels (101, 102, 201) in order to waive the language requirement. No credit will be awarded for this exam.

For proctoring information, please see the Proctoring Services site. Chapman does not proctor BYU exams.

Proficiency in Hebrew:

BYU does not offer Hebrew as an option; however, we accept NYU’s Hebrew Proficiency exam, which can be found here.

Students must take the 12-point online proficiency exam.  This exam is done online and it is fully proctored.  Students must score a minimum of 9 points to be granted 201 level proficiency (LC requirement waived). A minimum score of 6 translates to 102 level proficiency and will not waive the LC requirement. No credit will be awarded for this exam.

When the exams are completed you can have them sent to:

Chapman University Attn:

Patty Jorgenson Dept: Registrar

One University Drive Orange, CA 92866