» Introductory Math Requirement (Math 100) FAQ

Be sure to read through the Mathematics Placement Tests page for more specific information regarding math placement. The Algebra Test is required, prior to registration, for all incoming students not waived through transfer courses or test scores.

Please carefully review the below Frequently Asked Questions for information regarding the Introductory Math Requirement. If your question is not fully addressed here, an appropriate email contact may be found under relevant questions below.

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What is the Introductory Mathematics Requirement?

The introductory mathematics requirement refers to a student’s algebra proficiency (Math 100). The Math 100 course (which has a required Math 100L lab component) at Chapman satisfies this requirement. In the absence of any waivers, test scores, or qualifying transfer courses that satisfy the requirement, a student must successfully complete Math 100 in the first semester in order to continue studies at Chapman.

Why do I have to complete this requirement right away?

Undergraduate degree requirements at Chapman University have a quantitative inquiry component. Students whose unsatisfied quantitative inquiry requirement begins with algebra must begin their quantitative studies early in order to graduate on time.

Where can I find this policy in the Catalog?

This policy can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog under Undergraduate Degree Requirements, Preparatory Skills Requirement.

How can I find this requirement on my program evaluation?

Log in to your student center at http://my.chapman.edu and choose Program Evaluation in the dropdown under Academics. In your Program Evaluation, look for the section “Introductory Mathematics Requirement.” Note that it may say that the requirement is satisfied while it is in progress if you are currently in Math 100. If the requirement has been successfully waived for you, it will be noted in that section.

How can I be waived from this requirement?

As in the policy, you can be waived in a number of ways:

  • Receive a satisfactory transfer grade on a transferable college-level math course prior to matriculating at Chapman. Contact our Registrar’s Office to find out if the class will transfer, and be sure to have your official transcript, with final grade, sent to Chapman’s Registrar’s Office. The waiver will not be applied to your account until the transcript is both received and processed.
  • Score at least 570 (or at least 540 for tests taken prior to March 2016) on the math portion of the SAT, or at least 23 on the Mathematics portion of the ACT. Be sure to have your official scores sent to Chapman as early as possible. Inquire with our Office of Admission at Undergraduate Admission if you have already sent these scores but have not been waived.
  • Take the Algebra Test at Chapman and receive a qualifying score. Find out more on the Mathematics Placement Tests page from the Academic Advising Center. This is generally the quickest method if Chapman does not already have your official transcript or SAT or ACT scores in hand.
  • Students with documented learning disabilities may be eligible for one or more waivers. Contact our Disability Services office for more information.

I transferred in a college-level math course but I’m still being told to enroll.

If you took a college-level math course at another institution after you began studies at Chapman University, the transfer does not satisfy the Introductory Mathematics Requirement. If you took the college-level math course prior to beginning studies at Chapman University, it’s possible your transcript was not received, or that you did not receive a satisfactory transfer grade. Inquire with our Academic Program Specialists at aps@chapman.edu, and consider taking the Algebra Test in the meantime (if you haven’t already) for the quickest method of receiving a waiver. You will not be permitted to drop the course until we have official record of your qualifying transfer or qualifying score on the placement test.

I have a qualifying SAT or ACT score but I’m still being told to enroll.

It’s likely Chapman hasn’t received your SAT or ACT scores yet, or the scores are still being processed. If you have already requested for your official scores to be sent to Chapman, you can check to see if they have been posted to your record by viewing your unofficial transcript in http://my.chapman.edu under dropdown section Academics. Inquire with our Office of Admission at admit@chapman.edu about the status of missing test scores. If you have not requested them to be sent, please do so as soon as possible, and consider taking the Algebra Test in the meantime (if you haven’t already) for the quickest method of receiving a waiver. You will not be permitted to drop the course until we have official record of your qualifying score.

I have a learning disability. Can I be waived?

Depending on the learning disability, there may be options available to you. You should contact Disability Services.

I need to drop Math 100 and I am having difficulty getting my SAT score, ACT score, or qualifying transfer course final grade to Chapman.

The quickest way to have the requirement waived is to place out of the requirement through the algebra test at Chapman if you have not already taken it. The test is online!

I have already taken the Algebra Test. Can I take it again?

You may only take the test once. If you feel there was an issue with the web application that prevented you from doing your best, please contact the Math department at mathadvising@chapman.edu

Taking Math 100 this semester will prevent me from taking another class.

The preparatory skills requirement must be your priority until it is completed.

My academic program or team sport has strict schedule requirements that will prevent me from attending Math 100.

If there is a section of MATH 100 that does not conflict with your other obligations but it is full or closed, please contact the instructor of that section to explain your situation and ask for permission to be added to the class. If the instructor grants approval, it may be possible for you to be added to the class.

If there is no section of MATH 100 that does not conflict with your other obligations, consult with both the chair of your program (or coach of your team) and the Math department, (mathadvising@chapman.edu). It is essential that you find a compromise with these parties prior to the start of classes.

Can I take Math 100 over the summer/interterm?

Math 100 is typically offered at Chapman only in the Fall and Spring terms. It may be scheduled over the summer or interterm at the discretion of the math department, however you should not depend on this possibility.

Can I take these classes at another institution and transfer them in to satisfy the requirement?

Please consult with the Math department (mathadvising@chapman.edu) if the specific college-level course(s) you already completed are equivalent to Math 100 and if they are transferable.

What happens if I don’t pass the class, or do not attend the class I’m registered in?

Failing to pass the class or failing to attend it will prevent you from completing the requirement on time. Students not completing the requirement on time may not continue their studies at Chapman University until the requirement is completed and may only enroll in Math 100 until that time. If this penalty applies to you, you will receive notice from the Provost Office.

If you cannot pass Math 100 and believe you may have an undiagnosed learning disability related to math, contact Disability Services to explore options.

Will Math 100 contribute to the overall credit requirement for my degree?

Yes. Math 100 is a 4 credit class and it contributes to the minimum credits required for an undergraduate degree.

My major is unrelated to math. Why is this required?

Quantitative skills are an essential component of all undergraduate programs at Chapman. Be sure to review your Program Evaluation frequently to be sure you know what your program requires of you.