» Introductory Math Requirement (Math 100) FAQ

Be sure to read through the Mathematics Placement Tests page for more specific information regarding math placement. The Algebra Test is required, prior to registration, for all incoming students not waived through transfer courses or test scores.

Please carefully review the below Frequently Asked Questions for information regarding the Introductory Math Requirement. If your question is not fully addressed here, an appropriate email contact may be found under relevant questions below.

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What is the Introductory Mathematics Requirement?

The introductory mathematics requirement refers to a student’s algebra proficiency (Math 100). The Math 100 course (which has a required Math 100L lab component) at Chapman satisfies this requirement. In the absence of any waivers, test scores, or qualifying transfer courses that satisfy the requirement, a student must successfully complete Math 100 in the first semester in order to continue studies at Chapman.