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MATH 100 (Algebra) and 100L Placement

» Math 100 (Algebra) and 100L Placement

Math 100: Learning and Studying Mathematics for Understanding I is a required class for all Chapman students who have not demonstrated the proficiency to waive it.

Unless you waive the class, you will need to take MATH 100 and its lab (MATH 100L) during your first semester. Successfully completing MATH 100 and 100L will fulfill your Introductory Math Requirement.

Below are all your options for waiving MATH 100 and MATH 100L. Be sure to choose one of these options before you register for classes.

Option 1: Submit an SAT, ACT or AP/IB exam score

Chapman University is test optional, which means that you don’t have to submit test scores to apply. However, if you choose to submit any of the following, you can waive MATH 100 and 100L:

  • An SAT score of at least 570 on the Quantitative section
  • An ACT score of at least 23 on the Mathematics section
  • A passing score on the AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, IB Mathematics HL or IB Further Math HL exams (if needed, review AP Equivalencies and IB Equivalencies)

To submit your test score and waive MATH 100 and 100L, send us your official scores directly from CollegeBoard (for SAT and AP exam scores), from ACT or from IB:

Option 2: Transfer credit from another school

If you passed a transferable math class at a community college or another university PRIOR to matriculation at Chapman, you can waive MATH 100 and 100L. We will apply the waiver to your account as soon as we receive and process your transcript.

Option 3: Take the Algebra Placement Test

Taking and passing our Algebra Placement Test will let you waive MATH 100 and 100L and allow you to take any class that has MATH 100 and 100L as prerequisites.

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If you do not have the waivers from Options 1 or 2, or you do not pass the Algebra Placement exam, then you are required to enroll in Math 100 and lab in your first semester.

Questions? Contact Math Advising

You can contact a math faculty member at mathadvising@chapman.edu if you you have concerns about your math readiness or placement or are are waiting on test scores or transcripts.