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photo of Sarah  Alexander '18
Sarah Alexander '18
Irvine, CA
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Peter Jipsen
"Commutative Partial Semigroups: Generalized Effect Algebras and Orthoalgebras." I am creating a general overview of commutative partial semigroups where I focus on generalized effect algebras and orthoalgebras. I will be computing all algebras of a given size and analyzing their axioms as well as their structure in order to observe the relationship that they share with total algebras like MV-algebras, orthomodular lattices and other algebras related to quantum logic. I am working with Nadiya Upegui, who is focusing on noncommutative partial semigroups, specifically pseudoeffect algebras and groupoids.
photo of Humam  Alkhaled '18
Humam Alkhaled '18
Biological Sciences
Fullerton, CA
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Parang Keykavouse
"Cell Penetrating Peptide." The main goal is to design the optimal cell penetrating cyclic peptides and test them on pathogenic bacteria and/or cancerous cells in regard to their efficiency, toxicity, and permeability.
photo of Francesca  Artalejo '17
Francesca Artalejo '17
Screen Acting
Dallas, TX
Faculty Mentor: Joe Slownsky
"The Influence and Unexpected Relatability of a Woman’s Journey Through Film." This project explores questions on the self-objectification of women and the connected life choices concerning Elizabeth Nichols Chagra and her involvement in the assassination of a federal judge to help her husband in 1970’s Texas. By creating a feature-length script chronicling her life leading up to her arrest, the audience will be persuaded to sympathize and relate to her on a basic human level while further understanding why an individual can be a product of a situation they cannot control.
photo of Erika  Gibson '17
Erika Gibson '17
History and Philosophy
Bakersfield, CA
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stephanie Takaragawa
"Frenchified": Jefferson's French Legacy in White House Entertaining." Building from my undergraduate thesis in which I explore Thomas Jefferson's use of French food as a tool for diplomacy, my SURF project explores how Cold War presidents also used French food and French entertaining during times of political instability.
photo of Danielle  Grainger '17
Danielle Grainger '17
Communication Studies
Barnstable, MA
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michelle Miller-Day
"Understanding drug resistance messages from young adults recovering from addiction." This research is being conducted in order to understand the perspectives of young adults who have experienced substance abuse firsthand. Toward that end, I am conducting in-depth interviews with young adults who are recovering from addiction and are willing to provide insight into what led them to use in the past, what resistance strategies they use to abstain from continued use, and lastly, what suggestions they have for other young people in regards to avoiding substance abuse.
photo of Aaron Grisez '19
Aaron Grisez '19
Physics and Computational Science and Music Composition
Clovis, CA
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Justin Dressel
"Gamifying the Quantum with Music." The purpose of the Qhord project is to let users interact with a quantum mechanical system in an intuitive way with the hopes of increasing accessibility to the word quantum. Qhord is a flexible mobile application for musical improvisation that is governed by a quantum simulation. Gamified physics has been an open area of research for years, with a particular increase as mobile applications have become so popular. This gamified approach aims to decrease the stigma around seemingly arcane physics.
photo of Carlos Hernandez '17
Carlos Hernandez '17
Music Performance, Instrumental and Music Education, Instrumental
Santa Ana, CA
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christopher J. Nicholas
"Translating Musical Languages and Intelligences." I have spent the last four years learning to master the saxophone and musical abilities beyond the performance arena. I have taken courses and worked musical clinics, camps, and festivals in aims of bettering my own understanding of music and its many pedagogical approaches. I will be attending an "El Systema" (see Gustavo Dudamel) workshop in Guatemala City and exploring what gaps there are across language and cultures and also searching for any other gaps there may be that I would not foresee with my background and education.
photo of Chloe Horner '18
Chloe Horner '18
Tustin, CA
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Connie Shears
"The Effect of Yoga on Body Image Among Women." The present study investigates the relationship between yoga and body image among women. Beyond an extensive review of existing data, this study comprises producing a novel questionnaire designed to evaluate yoga's impact on body image. This project culminates in a pilot study to gather preliminary data and assess the validity of the authored scale. Implications include strong potential to cultivate a more effective alternative to current methodology for treating body image disturbance in both clinical and nonclinical female populations.
photo of Greyson Horst '19
Greyson Horst '19
Film Production
Sacramento, CA
Faculty Mentor: Sally Rubin
"Hillbilly." A documentary film that examines the hillbilly stereotype in film and television, as well as America's perception of rural people in the context of the 2016 election.
photo of Morgan  Kindel '19
Morgan Kindel '19
Psychology and Political Science
San Diego, CA
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jessica Walker
"Effects of Episodic Memory on Appetite Regulation in Restrictive Eating." This project looks at the relationship between episodic memory and appetite regulation in individuals that display patterns of restrictive disordered eating. A large body of psychological and physiological research has found that episodic memory effects appetite in those who are medically classified as obese. This suggests that our hunger/fullness signals may not exclusively be driven by biological signals, but psychological ones as well, and that individuals who restrict their dietary intake may be inversely experiencing the same phenomena.
photo of Haley Miller '18
Haley Miller '18
Environmental Science and Policy
Haverhill, MA
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jason Keller
"Exploring Methane Flux from the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project." Research Question: Do coastal ponds and associated tidal marshes within the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project (SBSPRP) system release methane? In particular, I will be quantifying methane flux from five salt pond systems under various management regimes and an associated tidal marsh from two sampling events over the summer 2017.
photo of Alexander  Murcia '17
Alexander Murcia '17
Philosophy and English Literature
Fountain Valley, CA
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Pace
"Pragmatic Encroachment and the Importance of Contextual Factors in an Analysis of Forbidden Base Rates." Subjective Bayesianism indicates that for a probability judgement to be rational we must take into account a statistical base rate to determine the probability that an incident obtained. However, commitments to the Bayesian calculus sometimes come into conflict with commitments to be ethical. Given this there are certain base rates which we treat as "forbidden." This creates a tension between rationality and ethical obligations. My project aims to reconcile this tension by applying a promising epistemic theory, pragmatic encroachment, to scenarios involving forbidden base rates.
photo of Kathryn Peck '17
Kathryn Peck '17
San Jose, CA
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Lia Halloran
"Weaving the Polluted Tides." I will be collecting trash and plastic items off of beaches in Orange County through organized beach clean ups. Then, with the items collected I will be weaving to create a visualization of the pollution through the local watershed that ends up in the Pacific Ocean.
photo of Nadiya  Upegui '18
Nadiya Upegui '18
Maple Valley, WA
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Peter Jipsen
"Noncommutative Partial Semigroups: Pseudoeffect Algebras and Groupoids." My project involves developing a comprehensive understanding of some noncommutative partial semigroups, specifically pseudoeffect algebras and partially-ordered groupoids. To do this, I will be enumerating all of these algebras up to a fixed size and comparing them to residuated lattices and groups in order to study their structure, logical properties and applications in quantum logic. This project is in collaboration with Sarah Alexander, who will be studying commutative partial semigroups with a focus on generalized effect algebras and orthoalgebras.
photo of Ariana  Victor '18
Ariana Victor '18
Film Production
Santa Rosa, CA
Faculty Mentor: Sally Rubin and Roy Finch
"Dream Seekers." This project is an exploration of virtual reality filmmaking and the ways in which it challenges and enhances documentary storytelling. While studying virtual reality’s potential for increasing empathy, we are working with the Texas based non-profit, The Syrian Institute for Progress, where we are creating a powerful virtual reality experience sharing the story of several Syrian refugee children who are burn victims of the war.
photo of Beck Wilson '17
Beck Wilson '17
Peace Studies
Lancaster, CA
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lisa Leitz
"Homelessness and Criminalization in Orange County." How have Orange County civic leaders responded to the increase in homelessness in the county? To answer this question, we are engaging in ethnographic research of the policies, advocacy, and treatment of homeless individuals by people in positions of power and advocacy groups. We hope to determine what the historical trends of homeless criminalization are, how advocacy groups and authority groups see homelessness differently, how the solution is perceived differently, and how the community fights or feeds stereotypes.

+ - 2016 Scholars

Alexandra Sidun — Major: Environmental Science and Policy — Title of Project: Ocean Acidification and Predator-Prey Relations: Correlating Disruption of Predator Avoidance with Chemosensory Deficits 

Jessica Bocinski — Major: Art History and Anthropology — Title of Project: The Invisible Artist: Reframing William Holman Hunt's Work through 15 century Netherlandish Art 

Sho Schrock-Manabe — Major: Creative Producing — Title of Project: VR Horror 

Robert A. Roussel — Major: Political Science and Psychology — Title of Project: Speech and Cooperative Exchange 

Natalie Tom — Major: Chemistry — Title of Project: Mushrooms as Shelf-Life Extender of Meat 

Benji Whitmore — Major: Chemistry — Title of Project: Allosteric Modulation of SK Channels 

Emmett Griffith — Major: Integrated Educational Studies and English Literature — Title of Project: To Always Feel Like an Afterthought: Transgender Student Experiences in Higher Education 

Nicole Hornaday — Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: Using Bioinformatics Tools to Characterize the Effect of Cancer Mutations in ABL Kinase 

Lena Romano — Major: Theatre Studies and Sociology — Title of Project: The Influence of Social Class on Women in Theatre 

Rose MacKenzie — Major: Theatre Studies and Philosophy — Title of Project: Performing Queer Femininities 

Mary Howard — Major: Economics — Title of Project: Cognizing Property 

Seth Yund — Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: Fighting Celiac Disease with Gut Bacteria: Non-Cytotoxic Gliadin Digestion by Bifodobacterium longus

Anastasia Kalyta — Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology — Title of Project: Connecting the Physiological and Behavioral Response to Heat Stress on a Warming Planet 

Samira Amirazizi — Major: Psychology — Title of Project: Are Bilingual Speakers on the Same Emotional Page as Monolinguals?

Shannon Corenth — Major: Theater Performance — Title of Project: The Forgotten Story of African American Women Playwrights 

Kathy Tavakoli — Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: Design and Evaluation of Peptides as Drug Delivery Tools 

+ - 2015 Scholars

James Langner —Major: Business and Sociology — Title of Project: The Division of Labor and Firm Formation

Emma Plotnik —Major: Music — Title of Project: Vocal Emphasis- From A Chat in the Parlor to Viral Music Videos: An Analysis of Music as a Social Occasion

Austin Thiel — Major: Computer Science — Title of Project: Virtual Reality Systems for Treating Autism

Tran Bao Le — Major: Health Science — Title of Project: Cortisol in Breast Milk and the Implications on Growth

Jessica Paek — Major: History — Title of Project: Between Language and People: Origins of Bantu Languages in Namibia

Andrew Shiroishi — Major: Chemistry — Title of Project: Tumor-Targeting Peptide Drug Delivery System

Aaron Goodman — Title of Project: Recovering Newtonian Limits from String Dilaton Fields

Young Jae Kim — Major: Biology — Title of Project: Designing and Evaluating of Dasatinib-Peptide Conjugates as Anti-Cancer Agents

Tyler Demshki — Major: Computer Science — Title of Project: A Comprehensive Study of Performance Bugs That Have Non-Intrusive Fixes

Alfredo Gonzalez —Major: History — Title of Project: Between Language and People: Origins of Bantu Language in Namibia

Brady Slater —Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: The Effects of Diet and Resistance Training on Female Rats during the Growth Period

Alexander Himstead Major: Biology — Title of Project: The Behavioral Ethology of an Phylogenetic Knock Out

Kory Cablay — Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology — Title of Project: Arsenic Reduction by Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (GAPDH) in Rat Liver Cells due to Arsenic Particulate Exposure

Kayla Velloso — Major: Communication Studies — Title of Project: The Hollywood Hillbilly

Fernando Amador II — Major: History — Title of Project: Between Language and People: Origins of Bantu Languages in Namibia

Lauren Henderson — Major: Strategic and Corporate Communication — Title of Project: Water & Energy Conservation

Abigail Kim —Major: History — Title of Project: The Comfort Women Controversy: Its Impact on Post-War Politics of Japan

Morgan Green —Major: English Literature and theatre Studies — Title of Project: Living Between the Lines: Intersectionality and Self-Actualization in Shakespeare’s Plays

+ - 2014 Scholars

Yasmin Akbari —Major: Psychology — Title of Project: Information Processing as a Risk Factor for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Leah Ficeli — Major: Psychology — Title of Project: Mathematics Learning: Implicit or Explicit?

Isabelle Grimm — Major: Theatre Performance — Title of Project: Trojan Whores: Unsung Stories of Women in Theatres of War

Tracey Gunanto — Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: Lottia Gigantea as a New Model Species for the Non-Lethal Effects of Global Warming

Lena Haddad — Major: Chemistry — Title of Project: Assessment of the Effects of Caffeine, Gallic Acid, and Epigallocatechin-3-gallate on the PIM-3 Protein Levels in Two Lines of Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Sovanndara Hok — Chemistry and Physics — Title of Project: Schrodinger Equation for Gravity

Kassandra Lee — Major: Biological Science — Title of Project: Young Women's Cognitive, Behavioral, Emotional, & Physiological Empathic Responsiveness as Mediated by Evocative Video Stimulus Content

Justine Li — Major: Athletic Training — Title of Project: Consortium for Outcomes Research and Education for Athletic Trainers (CORE-AT)

Michelle Min-chong Lin — Major: Film Production — Title of Project: Multiculturalism and Diversity at Chapman University

Karen Liu — Major: History — Title of Project: Oral History on Beijing Female Artists

Jennifer Seo — Major: Art — Title of Project: Exploration of the LA River

Dor Shoshan — Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: Field Cancerization – Thinking Outside of the Tumor, Association Analyses of Markers of Prostate Oncogenesis

Gabrielle Stetz — Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/Music — Title of Project: Protein-protein Interactions of HSP70 and HSP110 Chaperone Proteins

Caleb Sturges — Major: Political Science and Economics — Title of Project: A Two Party System, by Design: Testing the Mechanism of Plurality Rule

Erin Wainwright — Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology — Title of Project: The Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Bone Metabolism in Rats

Christopher Watkins — Major: Mathematics — Title of Project: Exploring New Ranking Methods

+ - 2013 Scholars

Jessica Mosolf — Major: Environmental Science & Policy — Title of Project: Humic Reduction in Peatland Soils – Redox Recycling

Amy Ortega — Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: Evolutionary Responses of California Grassland Species to Variation in Precipitation and Nitrogen Levels Following Prescribed Fire

Krista Rasmussen — Major: Integrated Education Studies — Title of Project: The impact of Haboob events on Precipitation patterns in Arizona: A Cross‐Correlation Analysis

Nathan Lawless — Major: Mathematics and Biochemistry — Title of Project: An Orderly Algorithm for Generation of Modular Lattices

Mindy Gibson — Major: Psychology — Title of Project: Identifying Sociocultural Predictors of Body Image in White and Asian American Women: Understanding the Role of Culture

Gianvieve Schwirblat Major: Biology

Ashley Lovell — Major: Peace Studies and Economics — Title of Project: Microfinance After War

Marley McLaughlin — Major: History and Anthropology — Title of Project: The California Gold Rush: Historical and Anthropological Analysis into the “Rush” to Abandon Mining and Cerro Gordo - 1870-1875

Aaron Gerston — Major – Biochemistry and molecular Biology — Title of Project: Attenuation of Bone Degradation in Calorie‐Restricted Animals

Kyle Lee — Major: Physics and Mathematics — Title of Project: Experiments with (2+1)‐Dimensional Causal Dynamical Triangulations

Diana Gonzalez — Major: Sociology — Title of Project: The Rise of Latino community Organizing and Political Opposition

Jared Celniker — Major: Psychology — Title of Project: “Illusions of Oasis Making You Look Twice:” Repression and Narcissism in Hip-Hop

Marilyn Love — Major: Religious Studies — Title of Project: The Cult of the Canaanite Gods in Jezreel

Stephanie Nelson — Major: Theatre — Title of Project: Theatrical Trans*formations

Brad Sherwood — Major: Business Administration and Economics — Title of Project: Narrativizing the Extensive form Game

+ - 2012 Scholars

Adam Borecki — Major: Music Composition and Guitar Performance — Title of Project: Online learning of advanced music theory concepts, and its influence on music education

Cathleen Browning —Major: Peace Studies — Title of Project: Excuse me Officer?: Police Officer's Perceptions of Rape and the Current Criminal Justice System

Casey Coleman —Major: Physics/Computational Science — Title of Project: Nonlinearity and the Superposition Principle: The Interplay between Dynamical Systems & Algebra  

Christina Dietz —Major: Philosophy — Title of Project: The Role of Emotion in Perceptual Recognition               

Azriel Dror — Major: Chemistry — Title of Project: Osteogenic Effects of Resistance Training on Young Female Rats             

Malia Horch — Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: Human Impact on climate variability around the Antarctic Region       

Daniel Howard — Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology — Title of Project: Desensitization of Muscarinic Receptor-mediated Modulation of Adenylate Cyclase Activity in Transfected Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells       

Courtney James — Major: Biology — Title of Project: A model system for predicting the effects of global warming:  Acute and chronic effects of warm temperature on feeding behavior of Paragus samuelis

Krish Rangarajan — Major: Biological Sciences — Title of Project: A Simulation Based Study on the Selection of Optimal Statistical Weights Incorporated in Regression Analysis of Tumor Methylation Data     

Eileen Regullano — Major: Piano Performance/Keyboard Collaborative Arts — Title of Project: Assimilation, Space, and Identity in Japanese Americans             

Julianne Russo — Major: Art — Title of Project: Relativity

Jennifer Schumacker — Major: Integrated Educational Studies — Title of Project: Transformative Interactions Between University and Community Spaces:  An Exploration of Engaged Scholarship, Service-Learning, and Civic Engagement        

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