headshot photo of Susan Kroyer

Susan Kroyer

Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts


“When I was very young, my parents used to make stop-motion movies”, says Sue Kroyer. “This was in the Fifties, so my Dad and Mom were always using cigarettes and cigarette packs as props. They had so much fun, and it is no coincidence that my sister and I are now both animators.”

Kroyer worked in graphic design in Wisconsin for a few years before moving to California to work in animation. “I am glad I started in design, because animation is visual communication and it is design in time and space. It gave me a good foundation.”

Her resume includes feature animation work at Disney Studios, Richard Williams Studio, Don Bluth Productions, and Warner Brothers.  She also has worked for Brad Bird on Family Dog, the Simpsons, and Kurtz & Friends Studio.

Kroyer and her husband Bill started Kroyer Films in 1987. They produced the Academy Award-nominated short film, Technological Threat and the feature film Ferngully, the Last Rainforest, as well as TV commercials and title sequences for Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Pink Panther, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and Cartoon Network.