headshot photo of Gary Schmoeller

Gary Schmoeller

Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts


Dodge College Course: Production and Set Management

Gary Schmoeller was raised in the “oil patch of West Texas”; where he began working in the transportation industry- that is, until his brother David, a screenwriter and director, suggested that he come to Los Angeles to seek a career in feature films. Schmoeller agreed, and took a crash course in film at the University of California, Los Angeles Extension and began working as a Production Manager with acclaimed horror director Brian Yuzna.

Over the last eighteen years, he has produced over thirty films as a “true indie producer.” He strongly believes that “contacts are just as important as skills sets” and encourages his students to keep an open mind. He says that teaching at Dodge College has given him a new appreciation for the medium. “The creativity and enthusiasm of the students gives me great pleasure.”