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Chapman University Fowler School of Law students maintain several associations that help keep diversity both in ideas and people at the forefront of discussion.

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+ - Asian Pacific American Law Students Association

The Southern California area has traditionally had a large, very diverse Asian-American population. One of the most important, but most difficult, aspects of such a large, diverse population is representing the very interests of those individuals who comprise this community. In the midst of this community lies Fowler School of Law. The progress that law school has made towards becoming a formidable legal institution has been furthered by brilliant legal scholars, as well as socially conscious and aware advocates. The inception of the Asian-Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) at the school of law in 2002 marked a pivotal time in the school's history because it recognized the very need for an institution and an organization that is ready and willing to address the needs of this very Asian American community, and the surrounding community at large. As a support group, APALSA provides a strong backbone for new students starting their long journey towards a legal career, while constantly pushing and encouraging continuing students to stay on the right path.

APALSA also serves a networking function, bridging the gap between the Asian-American legal community and law students preparing to enter that community in the future. As an academic group, APALSA provides entering students with tips and strategies for facing the challenging situations that students will most definitely encounter in their first year.

The strides that APALSA has made since its inception will continue to be its earmark in the future as the school of law continues its path towards supremacy as a legal institution. The years ahead for APALSA are extremely bright, and as an organization, it can only progress further as its members continue to maintain and excel in and out of the classroom.

+ - Black Law Students Association

As an organization aimed to empower students and increase cultural diversity, the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) strives to engage Chapman University Fowler School of Law students in the necessary dialogue to effect positive change and provide a support system for Black students. BLSA is not exclusive to those of African heritage, but is all encompassing as it acknowledges both the beauty of diversity and the unique needs of the African American community. BLSA serves to effectively provide a safe space for minority students and focus on how to actively participate in voicing a unique perspective, advocating for equal rights and opportunities, and bridging the gap between minorities and legal professions.

Charted at the law school in 2016, when the entering class consisted of three Black students, BLSA strives to collaborate with the admissions office to increase the representation of Black students at Chapman University Fowler School of Law. Through community engagement and outreach to prospective Black students, BLSA is committed to Chapman University Fowler School of Law’s mission to promote and increase diversity at Fowler.

+ - Korean American Law Student Association

The Korean American Law Students Association (KALSA) aims to promote Korean culture and awareness while providing all members a platform for academic support, professional outreach, and social networking. KALSA seeks to foster attorneys who are successful and prepared to deal with diversity issues on a global scale. 

+ - Minority Law Students Association

Minority Law Students Association (MLSA) exists to address the unique needs and concerns of minority law students, and to promote diversity within the Fowler School of Law community and legal profession in general. Specifically, MLSA seeks to develop, implement, and maintain programs to increase the recruitment, academic excellence and professional development of students of color at the school of law. MLSA also exists to provide a social support group for minority students in fostering their success and happiness. Activities include various outreach programs to high school students, social functions, speakers, panel discussions and scholarship opportunities for current law students. Membership is open to all students.

Through the use of consistent social interaction, multi-cultural programming and programming geared largely towards scholarship, career and community assistance, MLSA fosters academic achievement, understanding of and respect for differences, and, ultimately, the development of future minority leadership.

Contact MLSA

Fowler School of Law students may contact MLSA via its TWEN page. If you are unfamiliar with TWEN, it is the acronym for "The West Education Network." To use TWEN, you must log on to the TWEN site with your student Westlaw password. The Minority Law Students Association uses its TWEN page to update members on upcoming meeting, events, scholarship opportunities and job/internship opportunities. For more information about using TWEN, contact the Westlaw representatives at school. (Check the computer lab for their schedule.)

+ - OUTlaw

Outlaw is an educational, professional, political and social collaborative of law students, faculty and staff interested in working with Fowler School of Law and the surrounding community towards fostering and maintaining an environment that is supportive, positive and safe for individuals of sexual and gender diversity. While a vital function of Outlaw is to stimulate and assist students in their professional careers, the organization also serves as a forum in which Fowler School of Law students, staff and faculty may coordinate their efforts to combat homophobia, transphobia, heterosexism, discrimination and prejudice. Outlaw will work to promote the interests of gay, lesbian and transgender students, faculty and staff members and allies at Fowler School of Law.