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The Fowler School of Law Mediation Clinic programs allow students to develop and practice mediation, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills under the supervision of experienced attorney mediators. Students participate in various conflict resolution programs through the Orange County Superior Court, the Riverside County Probation Department, and the Riverside County Restorative Justice Program.

The Mediation Clinic allows students to become certified mediators by providing them the opportunity to mediate real cases with actual litigants in civil harassment, small claims, collections, unlawful detainer, probate, and more. Students mediate approximately 700 real cases each year, helping to alleviate burdens on an overloaded court system while providing an invaluable service to the community.

The Mediation Clinic has been instrumental in designing and implementing programs for settlement of various case types at court, both in-person and remote, and educating parties and members of the community of their options for settlement. Students interact with practicing attorneys, judges, and other court officers, gaining valuable experience and a deeper understanding of real-world legal procedures before graduating from law school.

The Dispute Resolution for Juveniles Clinic provides an important resource for youth residing in Juvenile Hall. Each week, law students work remotely with youth in the three (3) Riverside County juvenile facilities, encouraging and supporting the development and use of conflict resolution techniques. Juvenile facility staff also refer youth who have been involved in conflict within their facility to the student mediation team, giving students an opportunity to work one-on-one with the youth. The Dispute Resolution Clinic has also built new programs for conflict resolution for detained youth and mentorship for reintegrating youth, specifically a peer mediation training program and a Transition-to-Home program respectively.

The Restorative Justice Program brings together the youth, the victim(s), the court, the District Attorney’s Office, the police and probation departments, and the student mediation team to provide restorative justice services as a diversion to juvenile detention and/or incarceration. In this program, students work creatively to provide a safe and meaningful platform for open communication and mediation between crime victims and youth.

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The Student Experience

  • Rewa O. (JD '22)
  • Silgai M. (JD '21)
  • Cody B. (JD '14)
  • Rewa O portrait"The Mediation Clinic gave me the opportunity to mediate with people of diverse backgrounds with diverse legal issues directly affecting their personal lives. Along with honing my communication and negotiation skills as a result of mediating between adverse parties and programming with youth offenders, participating in the Clinic also added empathetic communication to my arsenal of legal skills. Without empathy, there can be no meaningful connection with our clients, and without meaningful connection there can be no real trust and understanding."
  • Silgai M"Participating in the Juvenile Mediation Clinic was an incredible experience. Through the Clinic, I had the opportunity to work closely with the youth in Juvenile Hall and teach them conflict resolution skills. More so, the clinic showed me the importance of restorative justice and allowed me to make a positive impact in the lives of the youth. In law school classes, we often read cases about people and their legal issues. However, in the Clinic, you see firsthand how the law can impact the lives of the youth and how, as future lawyers, we can create change in the legal system."
  • Cody "The Mediation Clinic provides an unmatched practical experience. Every week, I mediate multiple actual cases with real parties. I have become comfortable in the court setting, and confidently participate in the court's procedures. I now have a greater experience in communicating with clients, lawyers and judges"

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