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Below you will find a list of organizations that provide valuable networking opportunities to students interested in federal employment.  In many government practice areas much of the networking is done through trade organizations such as those below, as opposed to a bar association.  

Federal Government Networking Opportunities (.pdf)

Careers in Federal Government (PSJD)

Use these resources to target agencies of interest:

  • USA.gov
    • The U.S. Government's official portal, which is very useful to explore agencies you would not otherwise know about. Go to the "A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies" which provides a direct link to the website of each agency.
  • USAJOBS.gov
    • The federal government's official job list, where you can search for federal jobs by agency, keywords or job title. Please note that there are "excepted service" opportunities that are not posted here — some agencies are not required to post jobs on USAJOBS.gov, so explore the agency websites that interest you in addition to searching on USAJOBS.gov.
  • Bestplacestowork.org
    • Presents a detailed analysis and comparison of the various work experiences at different agencies.
  • PathToPMF.com  
    • Useful resources for getting a government job and succeeding in the PMF application process.
  • GoGovernment.org
    • Provides valuable information and resources about job and internship opportunities in the federal government. 
  • Careersingovernment.com
    • A clearinghouse of information, resources and jobs available in public organizations.
  • OPM.gov
    • Office of Personnel Management is the U.S. Government's HR office. 
  • Benderconsulting.com
    • Certain agencies, such as the DOJ, use Bender Consulting to find qualified disabled candidates.
  • YellowBooks (in the CSO and the Law Library)
    • Contact and biographical information that you can locate on leaders within a wide variety of firms, organizations, associations and government agencies.

Search Term Examples on USAJOBS.gov

"Law clerk"; "Contract Specialist"; "Program"; "Management and Program"; "Examiner"; "Paralegal"; "Budget"; "Policy"; "Specialist";"Investigator"

It is often best to search by agency, as opposed to job title or key words.

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