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Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Jerusalem, Israel

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The Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is Israel’s first and leading institution of higher learning. The Faculty has established an outstanding, world-renowned student exchange program with top universities around the world. The exchange program offers a rich and diverse range of world-class classes in English, allowing foreign students enrolled in partner universities the opportunity to spend a semester in Jerusalem and to participate in the Faculty's rich program of studies.

Two Fowler Law students may participate in the Hebrew University exchange program each Fall semester. Applications must be made in the Spring semester of a student’s 2L year for participation in the Fall semester of the 3L year.

This program is subject to review by the University and law school on an annual basis. 


Fall 2017

  • Learning Objectives Orientation (required): Must be completed prior to departure. Students must will meet with a Fowler Law faculty advisor to establish learning objectives for their semester participation.
  • Chapman University Study Abroad “First Steps” Orientation (required): Must be completed prior to departure. Please contact Kristin Beavers, Associate Director, Chapman University Center for Global Education, kbeavers@chapman.edu and see the information page at https://web.chapman.edu/CGESignup/.
  • Hebrew University Orientation Program (required): Exact dates to be determined, but beginning in October 2017. Please contact Hebrew University Law School for details.
  • Classes Begin: To be determined, but beginning in October 2017.
  • Classes End: To be determined, but ending in January 2018. (Fowler Law students may be able to leave in December and complete papers/exams remotely. Students participating in the program must work with Hebrew University instructors and program coordinator to complete their course requirements.)
  • Evaluation and Assessment (required): Must be completed upon return. Students must meet with a Fowler Law faculty advisor to review their learning objectives and complete an evaluation of their participation and the degree to which learning objectives were met.

Applications must include:

  • Study Abroad Application
  • Personal Statement
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Name of a Fowler faculty member who can provide a recommendation
  • Unofficial transcript

Travel Advisories:

All students considering study abroad should review U.S. Government Travel Information, and especially any relevant official Travel Warnings. Links to up-to-date information are available at the Chapman University Center for Global Education website at https://www.chapman.edu/international-studies/center-for-global-education/student-resources/living-abroad.aspx

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+ - Tuition and Fees

Students in the exchange program will pay regular tuition and fees to Fowler School of Law, and must purchase Chapman University student health insurance unless they provide proof of other primary insurance, as well as secure traveler’s health insurance.  

+ - Financial Aid and Scholarships

Fowler Law students who receive financial aid or scholarships should arrange to meet with Kathleen Clark, Chapman University Director of Graduate Financial Aid, katclark@chapman.edu   

+ - Cost of Living

Students must pay costs of travel to and from the Israel, housing expenses, food, utilities, entertainment, and all other costs associated with study abroad. Information is available from the Office of Global Education at Chapman University or from Hebrew University.

+ - Health Insurance Requirements

Students in the exchange program must purchase and maintain insurance for doctor visits, hospitalization or surgery.  Students must provide Chapman University with proof of insurance, including name of the insurer and policy numbers. Insurance may be obtained through a private insurer, through Chapman University, or through Hebrew University’s insurance program, Harel Yedidim Insurance.

Chapman University requires student to register for International Medical Insurance and Assistance Services through ACE Travel Assistance Program. Further information is available at the Chapman University Risk Management webpage:


+ - On-Campus Housing

Hebrew University has a limited number of rooms (with a common bathroom and kitchen) available to exchange students. Please contact Hebrew University for information about availability and current costs.

+ - Language of Instruction

English (Students may take a Hebrew language course but it will not be awarded credit by the Fowler School of Law School.)

+ - Pre- or Co-requisites


+ - Academic Requirements

Fowler Law students are required to have a GPA of 2.6 or better to apply for the exchange program. Students must enroll full-time during the exchange semester.

To participate in this program, Fowler Law students must have completed prior to their 3L year a minimum of 4 of the 5 required upper level doctrinal courses (Professional Responsibility, Basic Federal Income Tax, Constitutional Law, Evidence, and Corporations (or alternatively, Business Associations.)) In addition, prior to their 3L year, participating Fowler Law students must have completed two of the three Practice –Oriented Writing and Lawyering Skills courses. In some instances, with approval of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Fowler Law students may be permitted to participate in the program having completed fewer of their upper level requirements.

Note that 1.5 Israeli credits is equivalent to 1 American Law School credit, so a full-time course load of 12 credits requires enrollment in 18 Israeli credits (Hebrew University Law School courses generally offer two to three credits.) Credit cannot transfer until a student completes all course requirements at Hebrew University and the Law School receives notification of such in an official transcript from Hebrew University. For more information about the courses taught in English, please see the Hebrew University website.

Fowler Law students will be required to keep and submit syllabi for courses taken during their semester abroad, as well as information demonstrating the number and length of class sessions.

Please consult the Fowler Law Registrar’s Office regarding the details of the registration process.

+ - Grading Policies

Hebrew University’s grading scale of 0 to 100 assigns points according to the following scale:

0-50: Fail
60: Minimum
70: Almost Good
80: Good
90: Very Good
100: Excellent

Students will receive graded transcripts from Hebrew University, but will be assigned Pass/No Pass grades on their Fowler Law transcripts. A grade of "Pass" is equivalent to C- or better; lower grades receive “No Pass.”

+ - Passport/Visa Requirement

Students must have a passport and are required to obtain a student visa to study in Israel

Program advisors for the Hebrew University Exchange Program

Prof. Guy Harpaz, Academic Advisor, Exchange Programs
Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Ms. Shanie Rabinowitz
International Programs Coordinator
Faculty of Law, Hebrew University
Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem
Tel: 972-25880044

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