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Master of Arts in War and Society at Chapman University

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The Master of Arts Program in War and Society at Chapman University educates graduate-level students in the field of war and society by rigorously examining the social, cultural, political, and moral aspects of how societies go to war, experience war, and deal with war’s consequences.

The program aims to become the nation’s premier graduate-level program for studying the global interrelationships between war and societies in the modern era. Unique to Chapman, the MA program combines traditional graduate-level education with career enhancement credentialing for professionals working in the larger field of war and society. The program will establish an intellectual foundation for educators and professionals who, upon graduation, are capable of teaching, interpreting, and solving the problems of war and its impact on society.

Students will explore topics in the following thematic areas that comprise the War and Society Program:

  • The influence of societal and cultural beliefs on warfare and national military policies
  • The impact of war on social and cultural institutions, values, and practices
  • The interaction between the home front and the battlefield
  • The impact of war on soldiers, civilians, and veterans
  • The relationships between war, identity, and historical memory

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