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Masters of Science in Health and Strategic Communication at Chapman University

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Health and Strategic Communication is the study and use of communication strategies to inform and influence individual, institutional, community and public audiences about important health issues. Our mission is to help improve policy and decision-making through evidence-based research, analysis, and application. This program examines health and strategic communication from perspectives grounded in interpersonal, family, organizational, media, and health behavior theories and related evidence-based messages and decision-making. Courses are designed to educate students in:

  • Health communication theory
  • Patient and provider interactions
  • Health care organizations
  • Health care reform issues
  • Strategic and crisis communication from multiple perspectives
  • Informed health-related decision-making and behavior change
  • Health literacy
  • Delivering upsetting news
  • Intercultural sensitivity and/or cultural competence
  • Quality of interpersonal relationships

Graduates of Health and Strategic Communication can seek jobs in: 

  • Local, state, and federal agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Public health departments
  • Community organizations
  • Insurance companies
  • Foundations
  • Publishing firms
  • Biotech companies
  • Universities

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