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Master of Science and Ph.D. in Computational and Data Sciences at Chapman University

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The Master of Science in Computational and Data Sciences is a uniquely interdisciplinary approach to solving critically important problems, using mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, statistics and computing. Through modeling, simulation, data mining, and study of specific phenomena via computer analysis and engineering, you will learn to apply extraordinary technology and processes to answer the world’s most complex questions as part of your Computational and Data Sciences degree.

The Ph.D. in Computational and Data Sciences offers a multifaceted and personalized course of study that emphasizes innovative research and applications of research. After completing a set of core courses teaching the basic methodologies and techniques of computational science, students will specialize in an area based on shared interests with one or more faculty mentors, culminating in a final dissertation of the student’s choice. Since employers continue to seek computer professionals who can combine strong technical skills with good interpersonal and business skills, the Ph.D. in Computational and Data Sciences prepares students for employment in academia, scientific research laboratories, private industry and governmental agencies.

A degree in Computational and Data Sciences teaches you to apply extraordinary technology and processes to answer the world’s most complex questions in fields including:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Earth Systems Science
  • Bioinformatics and Biotechnology
  • Genomics and Drug Design
  • Population Genetics
  • Economic Science

According to academic forecasters and business analysts, computational and data science is one of the most rapidly emerging areas of study in the nation. Chapman’s graduate and doctoral programs in Computational and Data Science will help you find your place in this ever-growing field. 

We invite the inciters of change and disrupters of the ordinary to start their journey to mastery at Chapman.

As a graduate student at Chapman University, you will have the opportunity to truly master your passion. Whether you're an inspired artist, curious scientist, or a budding innovator, you will have access to industry tools, knowledgeable faculty, in-depth research opportunities, and a career and alumni network to support you throughout your life.