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Master of Fine Arts in Television Writing and Producing at Chapman University

The small screen has become big—in fact, it’s huge, in terms of the opportunities open to the next generation of television writers and producers. From multi-episode shows available for streaming/binge watching, to innovative “concept” shows that vary from season-to-season around a theme or brand (think True Detective or Fargo), the world of television is wide open for innovation. And so the door is wide open for creative storytellers who see no limit to what “television” means today.

Our two-year M.F.A. in Television Writing and Producing will help you acquire the broad spectrum of skills needed to pursue a career as a television writer/producer. Not only will you strengthen and polish your writing, but you will also learn about how the business works—how content is developed, pitched and sold. And, just as important, you will learn the fundamentals of production, developing an understanding of what it takes to actually produce a show, from working with actors to knowing the logistics, costs and timing of all the phases of production.

In the first year, you’ll dig deep into the fundamentals of story form, learn about what’s happening in the business in real time from a steady stream of industry guests who will screen their work and share their experiences, and you’ll study what it takes to be an effective leader, which, as showrunner, you will be called upon to be.

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