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MFA in Screenwriting at Chapman University

The 2-year M.F.A. in Screenwriting is an intensive program designed to encourage the development of your unique storytelling voice through the exploration of the intricacies of story structure and character development. Working under the mentorship of industry active screenwriters, you’ll learn to write content for the screen in a variety of mediums including short and long form projects, episodic television and emerging media.

Additionally, as a student in the M.F.A. Screenwriting program, you will study the “business of the business” - the practical side of developing and selling your ideas. Students enrolled in the program also have the opportunity to collaborate with their film production colleagues to have one of their scripts produced for the screen. Upon graduation, you’ll have an understanding of how the industry works as well as several developed scripts.

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As a graduate student at Chapman University, you will have the opportunity to truly master your passion. Whether you're an inspired artist, curious scientist, or a budding innovator, you will have access to industry tools, knowledgeable faculty, in-depth research opportunities, and a career and alumni network to support you throughout your life.