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Master of Music in Keyboard Collaborative Arts at Chapman University College of Performing Arts

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The overarching goal of this comprehensive Master’s degree program is to prepare graduate pianists for a successful career as a collaborative artist who can work together effectively and professionally with vocalists, instrumentalists, dancers and actors, as well as with choral, opera and orchestral directors.  Partnerships with the Dance and Theatre programs will provide pianists with opportunities to interact with internationally-renowned faculty and to develop a diverse skill-set before engaging fully in a professional career in music.

We invite the inciters of change and disrupters of the ordinary to start their journey to mastery at Chapman.

As a graduate student at Chapman University, you will have the opportunity to truly master your passion. Whether you're an inspired artist, curious scientist, or a budding innovator, you will have access to industry tools, knowledgeable faculty, in-depth research opportunities, and a career and alumni network to support you throughout your life.