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Graduate Programs at Chapman University's Attallah College of Educational Studies

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The education graduate programs at Chapman University's Attallah College of Educational Studies are designed to provide you with excellent professional training for work in schools and communities. Classes are taught by outstanding faculty dedicated to encouraging the next generation of scholars and educators.

With a masters or Ph.D. in Education from Chapman, you will be capable of and committed to making a constructive contribution to the improvement of the education system. You will learn to think critically, act collaboratively, be effective in your inquiry and be ethical in service to others. These skills will allow you to play an active role in improving schools and other education settings, as well as your community and the lives of your students.

You will be prepared to work with children, youth and adults of varied cultural backgrounds, economic standards and ability levels. The Attallah College of Educational Studies offers teaching credential programs and graduate degrees. In many cases, a credential and master's degree can be combined into one program. 

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We invite the inciters of change and disrupters of the ordinary to start their journey to mastery at Chapman.

As a graduate student at Chapman University, you will have the opportunity to truly master your passion. Whether you're an inspired artist, curious scientist, or a budding innovator, you will have access to industry tools, knowledgeable faculty, in-depth research opportunities, and a career and alumni network to support you throughout your life