» Tuition Waiver

Students participating in a Travel Course or International Internship may qualify for a one-time tuition waiver. Please read the eligibility requirements below and download the waiver.

The following restrictions apply:

This is a one-time Tuition Waiver for a Travel Course or International Internship taken through Chapman University. This waiver applies to tuition only; it does not apply to other program costs.

Submit form to Student Business Services Office located in Bhathal Student Services Building.
  • Travel Courses in the USA and Canada do not qualify for the Tuition Waiver.
  • Transfer credits for undergraduate and graduate students do not count towards the Tuition Waiver.
Undergraduate Students
  • Undergraduate students must have completed 2 semesters of full-time study at Chapman University before becoming eligible for a Travel Course Tuition Waiver, up to 4 credits.
Graduate Students
  • Graduate Students must have completed 15 credits at Chapman University before they are eligible for a Travel Course Tuition Waiver for up to 4 credits.  If a graduate student has not completed 15 credits, they must pay full tuition for the Travel Course.  After completing 15 credits, the student may apply for the Tuition Waiver. The Tuition Waiver will credit up to 4 credits but not to exceed the number of credits earned and tuition charged for the Travel Course at the time of eligibility. 
  • Graduate students who pay By-The-Program tuition costs, such as Executive MBA, Physical Therapy, or MFA/FTV Conservatory students, are not eligible to use the Travel Course Tuition Waiver.