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Summer 2020 Travel Courses are now open! The deadline to submit the Enrollment and Financial Obligation Agreement, non-refundable deposit receipt, and copy of valid passport (for international programs) to the Center for Global Education (576 N. Glassell) is before 4 p.m. Wednesday, March 25. Please note that this deadline falls during spring break and plan accordingly. 

Apply soon, as Travel Courses may reach capacity and close before the deadline. View the application steps for Travel Courses. 

For more information about Travel Courses, attend one of our Global First Steps sessions offered several times a week during the semesters.


Chapman students participating in the Cambodia travel courseThe final cost of the Travel Course will be determined by the number of participants enrolled. The cost range does not include Chapman University tuition costs. The most current summer tuition costs can be found through Student Business Services.

There is a one-time tuition waiver (up to 4 credits) for a travel course taken through Chapman University. Download the tuition waiver.

Undergraduate Chapman students who identify as First Generation can apply to receive assistance for travel costs for study abroad. Go to Chapman's Promising Futures page and click on the "Promising Futures Funding Assistance" link. Also view other scholarship opportunities for short-term programs

Summer 2020 Travel Courses

Check back frequently, more opportunities are coming soon.

Location Dates Course Section Faculty Contact Cost Range Status
Tel Aviv, Israel 5/30/20-6/6/20 BUS 303: Israel: Business Innovation and Culture Marshall Toplansky; Mario Leone $3,447-$3,791 Open
Scandinavia 6/1/20- 6/13/20 BUS 687: Business in Scandinavia

Niklas Myhr; Clas Wihlborg

$4,062-$4,468 Open
Taipei, Taiwan 5/31/20-6/20/20 CHIN 101A, 102A, 201A, 301A: Chinese, Culture and Society Tina Chao $2,678-$2,945 Open
Greece: Athens, Mykonos 6/19/20- 6/27/20 EDUC 695A: Special Topics in Teaching Meghan Cosier; Amy Ardell $3,463-$3,809 Open
Dublin, Ireland 7/2/20-7/11/20 ENG 346/546: Contemporary Irish Literature Justine Van Meter $2,465-$2,712 Open
France: Paris and Nice 6/14/20-7/4/20 FREN 101, 102, 201, 345: French in Nice John Boitano; Roxanne Teboul-Boitano $4,257-$4,683 Open
Perugia, Italy 5/25/20-6/5/20 FSN 309/509: Topics in Food, Diet and Culture Anu Prakash; Federico Pacchioni $3,684-$4,052 Open
London, UK 7/5/20-7/26/20 GD 308: Sustainable Design Eric Chimenti; Kathleen Kaiser $3,987-$4,386 Open
Sorrento, Italy 6/28/20- 7/19/20 ITAL 101A, 102A, 201A, 301A: A Journey to Bay of Naples - Immersion in Sorrento Federico Pacchioni $3,818-$4,200 Open
Iceland 7/16/20- 7/22/20 MLD 510/EDUC 710: Leadership in International Contexts Whitney McIntyre Miller; Dawn Hunter $3,625-$3,988 Open
Barcelona, Spain 5/31/20-6/20/20 SPAN 101A, 102A, 201A, 202A, 343A, 393A: Spanish Language and Culture Cristina Fuentes; Ian Romain $4,453-$4,898 Open