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Real Chapman student experiences: "Studying Abroad: An Opportunity for Growth"

Study abroad immersion in another culture and country is a life-changing experience. Students are provided a unique opportunity to learn fresh global perspectives on international, political, economic, and social issues. While abroad, you will develop lasting friendships, explore different cultures and learning environments and gain valuable career insights. Chapman offers study abroad programs in many academic fields in almost every part of the world for students of all backgrounds.

"Studying abroad...is quickly becoming the key to success in our global economy. Because getting ahead in today’s workplaces...[is] also about having real experience with the world beyond your borders –- experience with languages, cultures and societies very different from your own.” - First Lady, Michelle Obama  

Top 10 Reasons to Study AbroadThailan Buddah

  1. See the world and broaden your experience
  2. Build language and cross-cultural skills
  3. Understand your major in a new way
  4. Gain a global outlook
  5. Expand your network and make new friends
  6. Enhance your resume
  7. Reflect on your home culture
  8. Become a full-time learner
  9. Find out how similar and different you are from others
  10. Become an ambassador to teach others about the world


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