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Studying abroad is possible for transfer students too! Transfer students are encouraged to study abroad regardless of major, class standing, or foreign language experience.  The most important thing is to start planning now. Read the following sections to learn how you can apply.

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When to Go

Transfer students can apply to a study abroad semester, Travel Course, or International Internship program as soon as they begin their first semester at Chapman. Read more about these three types of programs you can choose from:

Semester / Academic Year: Transfer students must apply one year in advance for a semester program. You are allowed to go abroad your last semester as long as you fulfill your final requirements to graduate while abroad.

Travel Courses: Travel Courses in summer or interterm may be a particularly appealing option for transfer students that have just recently arrived at Chapman and are concerned about meeting their major requirements, or only have a few semesters at Chapman.  Summer and Interterm Travel Courses are 1-4 weeks and consist of Chapman courses taught by Chapman faculty.  They are a great way to satisfy GE and major requirements. 

International Internships: Summer International Internships are also an appealing option for transfer students who are concerned about meeting their major requirements and would like to get both cultural immersion and international work experience.  International Internships are 8 weeks and 3 credits and a great way to satisfy an internship credit and allow students to live and work abroad.

Getting Started

Review the Center for Global Education website about our international programs. For semester or academic year programs, you must attend a Global First Steps information session before you begin your application to learn about the logistics of going abroad.  Transfer students must be particularly aware of study abroad application deadlines, as you may need to apply during your first semester at Chapman. The good thing about studying abroad through Chapman, is that you receive Chapman credits and grades, which means you do not have to worry about exceeding your transfer credit limit! For Travel Courses, the application deadline is Fall semester prior for Interterm and in Spring semester prior for Summer. For Summer International Internships, applications are open the Fall semester prior.


Transfer students are eligible to study abroad after their first semester, as long as they follow all existing deadlines for applications and paperwork.  That is why it is important to start planning your study abroad experience as soon as possible! Transfer students must meet the standard eligibility requirements.

Graduating on Time

You will receive Chapman credit and grades for all the courses you complete on a Chapman semester program.  It is important to stay in close contact with your Academic Advisor in the Academic Advising Center while choosing courses, and make sure to retain all transcripts and work completed while studying abroad.  Courses from abroad may help satisfy major, minor, GE, cluster, and internship graduation requirements, and/or language-proficiency requirements.  The wide range of summer and interterm programs available will not impede upon your established schedule for the academic year.