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Students may apply to external global education scholarships outside of Chapman University. Deadlines will vary; many applications are due early in the semester prior to your global education program. Award methods must be arranged independently with the scholarship provider and will not be included in Chapman financial aid packages. Also, check out Chapman students' suggestions in Creative Ways of Fundraising to Study Abroad.

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Program-Specific Scholarships

If you are participating in a program through one of the organizations below, you may be eligible for their semester abroad scholarships. 

Country or Region-Specific Scholarships

These scholarships are for students studying abroad in the country or region specified. 

General Study Abroad Scholarships

These scholarships are for any location and requirements will vary, some may be merit-based and some may be need-based. 

Diversity Abroad Scholarships

These scholarships are for students with identities specified in the requirements with the purpose of increasing the diversity of students who go abroad. 

  • Chapman Promising Futures Program: Undergraduate first-generation Chapman students with demonstrated financial need can apply to receive assistance toward travel costs abroad. Submit the PFP Funding Request form by:
    • Fall semester abroad: February 1 current year
    • Spring semester abroad: May 31 previous year
    • Interterm Travel Course: November 1 previous year
    • Summer Travel Course or International Internship: April 1 current year
  • beGirl.world: beGirl.world (bGw) will be awarding (2) $2,000 scholarships to black female college students who have been accepted to a study abroad program.
  • DiversityAbroad.com: Variety of scholarships for students from diverse backgrounds
  • INSIGHT Into Diversity Study Abroad Scholarship: Be from an underrepresented group based on race, ethnicity, LGBTQ or Veteran status, or have a physical disability
  • ISEP Community Scholarship: Eligible for students on ISEP exchange programs who identify as First Generation, LGBTQIA+, active military or veteran, disability, ethnic/racial minority, STEM major, or learning a second language abroad. 
  • Gilman Scholarship: For Pell Grant recipients. To diversify the students who go abroad and locations where they go abroad. 
  • Gilman-McCain Scholarship: dependent child of active duty military
  • 12 Study Abroad Scholarships for LGBT+ students
  • Shawn Carter Foundation

Short-Term Abroad Scholarships

Students participating in a short-term Travel Course or International Internship may be eligible for these scholarships. 

Crowd-Source Funding

Students can use these websites to raise money to fund their experience abroad. 

  • FundMyTravel - Set up a personal campaign for a study abroad trip and designate fees toward certain components such as airfare and textbooks. Share your page through social media to gather funds from family and friends.
  • GoFundMe - A fundraising website for individuals, groups & organizations to raise money online for any idea, event, project or cause your family, friends & personal contacts might believe in.
  • ProjectTravel - Enables students to raise money and support for study, intern, volunteer, teach, service-learning, au pair, and faculty-led programs through an online peer-funding platform.
  • Kickstarter - Project creators set a funding goal and deadline. It is all-or-nothing — projects must reach their funding goals to receive any money, which can be effective in creating momentum and rallying people around an idea

Fellowship & Scholarships for Graduate Programs Abroad

Check out fellowships and scholarships to help fund graduate school, research, or training programs abroad. Then, visit Chapman's office of Center for Undergraduate Excellence to learn about more opportunities and for guidance on choosing and applying to these exciting opportunities.

Scholarship Databases

Search for other scholarships using the following databases: