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Chapman University encourages students of all identities and backgrounds to partake in study abroad. As in the U.S., you will find that certain people or groups abroad are more open to diversity than others. 

Buenos Aires study abroadAspects of your identity (i.e. race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, veteran status, etc.) may feel highlighted while you’re abroad because of cultural differences in the local community. Other aspects may feel decreased in visibility if they are more common among the local population. Students have returned from study abroad with different feelings about the attitudes from others they encountered abroad. Some students feel relieved to be free for a time from the cultural norms and expectations of the U.S. Others find it more challenging to confront diversity issues in an unfamiliar culture. Occasionally, students have faced racism and intolerance abroad, just as it is possible to experience racism and intolerance in the U.S. Those you meet in your host country such as your on-site program director, friends, students and host families will be knowledgeable about the country and may be able to assist you with some concerns and needs as well.

Scholarships and funding for study abroad are available for students from diverse backgrounds.

Check out resources below to help answer your questions and find support for diversity and access while you are abroad. We invite you email us at globaled@chapman.edu if you have additional suggestions or links to resources that we can provide here.

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