» Requesting & Obtaining I-20


Here are some important links to help you as you prepare for your arrival at Chapman:

+ - Important Information Regarding F-1 Visa Application Process

StudyInTheStates.gov Guide: Easy-to-follow website with everything you need to know about being an international student beginning with the I-20, arriving at the airport, maintaining F-1 status, and other helpful information.

Citizens of Canada do not have to apply for an F-1 visa at the consulate. Entering the USA with an I-20 automatically puts you in F-1 status.  To find out more about how to obtain F-1 status as a Canadian student visit the website of the U.S. Embassy for Canadian Students.  

+ - Find your Nearest Consulate

Visit USEmbassy.gov to find your nearest consulate. 

+ - Supplemental form Required for I-20

Please print and fill out the following appropriate form: 

+ - SEVIS Transfer Students

Please make sure you have given your old school a copy of the Transfer Form so that they can release your record to us.